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A career in medicine is about making a difference in people’s lives by alleviating pain and suffering. Medical education provides a variety of career opportunities, for example, practicing a medical profession, research, healthcare management, or teaching. The study of medicine ultimately leads to the pursuit to improve the human condition. Studies in medicine at the Medical University of Lublin will prepare you for this pursuit. 

The school is located in the center of Lublin and consists of a number of didactic buildings hosting departments, didactic rooms, laboratories, and lecture halls; three university hospitals, including a

children’s one; Dental Center, Medical Simulation Center, Experimental Medicine Center, the main library and reading rooms, dormitories, administration buildings, and a new Sports Center, soon to be opened.

The Medical University of Lublin prepares students to excel in the rapidly shifting landscape of healthcare through a curriculum grounded in tradition, innovation, teaching, and research. The curriculum is formulated on the basis of scientific and didactic resources and focused on the quality and competitiveness of the education system. The university’s mantra revolves around the need for constant development and the necessity to gain knowledge from the field of science. Academic teachers at the university have been educating healthcare professionals for over 70 years with a constant endeavor to keep improving facilities, equipment, and teaching methods, reaching for the highest educational standards. 

The university’s history dates back to 1944 when the Faculty of Medicine was included as part of the newly founded Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. In 1950 the Faculty separated from MCSU and established an independent Medical Academy. The school’s English language division, which offers education to international students from all over the world, was founded in 2001. The Medical Academy transformed into a university in 2008. The Medical University of Lublin currently offers English-language programs including medicine, dentistry, midwifery, and nursing.

The MD curriculum consists of 6 years of education divided into 12 semesters. During the entire course of education, the students are required to cover 6,034 hours of classes, obtaining a minimum of 360 ECTS points. 

The MD curriculum is further divided into 4 parts

  • 1st year – premedical education: the first year at the Medical University of Lublin focuses on building a foundation for learning advanced medical subjects. The syllabus consists of human-oriented biology with elements of anatomy and physiology, genetics, medical chemistry, physics with biophysics, mathematics with biostatistics, as well as some psychosocial aspects of medicine, clinical skills, and basics of medical terminology.
  • 2nd & 3rd year – basic sciences: the second year includes modules with subjects including anatomy, histology, human physiology, immunology. The third year focuses on clinical genetics, microbiology, pathophysiology, and pathomorphology. 
  • 4th & 5th year – clinical sciences: preparation of students for contact with patient before entering hospital wards, consisting of one semester of classes in the stimulation center, and clinical rotations. 
  • 6th year – practical clinical training:  the curriculum of final year focuses on polishing students’ clinical skills. 

Currently, there are 6952 students enrolled at the Medical University of Lublin, with 1161 (16.7%) international students from over 50 countries. A majority of the international students come from Taiwan, USA, Thailand, Norway, and India. What’s more, the inclusive environment of the university supports students from diverse backgrounds, demonstrating a commitment to diversity and equity. The university accommodates students from various backgrounds and with various needs, without discrimination. The university provides support to disabled persons, as well as psychological and psychiatric consultations and aid for students and staff. Other services include mentoring programs with the faculty academic staff, student advisors assigned to each major and year from among the faculty, orientation, and welcoming events from new admissions organized by senior students. 

The Medical University of Lublin’s mission has been designed to encourage collaboration rather than competition. The student body of the university is inclusive and comprises both Polish and English language students from all faculties of the university. Moreover, the school provides opportunities for students to share their own experiences and perspectives. Teachers, administration, and members of the student board are there to offer their help and advice to all students. 

The national board exams pass rate of students from the Medical University of Lublin is remarkable, with graduates working in Polish and international medical institutes around the world. Students of the university have an outstanding record of performing well on international licensing exams including USMLE exams (Step 1, Step 2 CS, and CK). Graduates from the university currently practice medicine and dentistry all over the world. 

Take a look at the website to find out more about what the Medical University of Lublin has to offer! 


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