SKY Meeting: The Surgical Knowledge for Youth  

18th & 19th November 2023 at the Center for Medical Research of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (CIM-FMUP)

SKY Meeting
SKY Meeting

The SKY Meeting is a congress dedicated to the surgical theme. With the future always in mind, it intends to join the irreverence of young doctors and the knowledge of experts, enriching and revolutionizing the surgical sphere over several generations.

6th Edition 2023

The 6th edition of the SKY Meeting took place on November 18 and 19, 2023, at the Center for Medical Research of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (CIM-FMUP). 300+ medical students attended the congress in person.

Target Audience

The congress targeted medical students for an audience. They had the opportunity to attend parallel sessions taught by experienced and prestigious surgeons. Multiple hands-on workshops provided them with more practical content. 

Novel Interventions and Noble Techniques

Subsequently, this congress allowed participants to get in touch with pioneering developments in the field of surgery. Novel techniques and procedures, different applications of surgery, and novel inventions and interventions remained the focus of the meeting. The attendees gained clarification for their questions and also provided their valuable suggestions for the field.

In this context, the 6th edition of the SKY Meeting had a thorough provisional program. It consisted of lectures and plenary sessions, parallel sessions, recorded surgeries, and various workshops.

Theme of Meeting

The overarching theme of the 6th edition of the SKY meeting was to showcase the vanguard of surgical innovation, with a particular emphasis on the pioneering realms of robotics and cutting-edge surgical techniques. The primary objective was to converge the foremost minds and talents in the field of surgery, facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights and ultimately leading to the dissemination of the most recent advancements in the transformative discipline. By focusing on robotics and the latest surgical methodologies, the Congress aspires to illuminate the pathways that will reshape the future of surgical practice and patient care. This aims to unite experts and enthusiasts alike in their shared pursuit of excellence.

SKY Meeting 2022: Highlights 

Last year’s SKY Meeting focused on honing three key skills, underpinning the foundation of surgical excellence. The foremost focus was directed towards fostering a culture of innovation, where attendees were encouraged to explore novel techniques, technologies, and approaches, thereby propelling the boundaries of what is achievable within the surgical realm. 

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Moreover, a significant emphasis was placed on the art of minimally invasive surgery, where the precision and finesse required for these procedures were dissected, and practitioners were provided with the tools and insights needed to master this transformative domain. This dedication to minimally invasive techniques is a testament to the evolving landscape of patient-centred care and recovery. In sum, the conference last year championed the cultivation of innovation and the mastery of minimally invasive surgery as pivotal skills, reinforcing the commitment of the surgical community to advancing patient outcomes, safety, and overall surgical excellence. 

Holistic Welfare of Surgical Community

In addition to emphasising innovation and minimally invasive surgery, last year’s conference/congress also prominently underscored the significance of well-being and work-life balance within the surgical domain. Recognizing surgical practice’s demanding and high-stress nature, this event sought to nurture a holistic perspective among attendees. In addition, participants were encouraged to explore strategies and practices that not only enhance their technical proficiency but also promote personal well-being, resilience, and a harmonious equilibrium between professional commitments and the pursuits of a fulfilling life outside the operating room. It is a testament to the event’s commitment to not only advancing surgical skills but also the holistic welfare of the surgical community, acknowledging that a surgeon’s well-being ultimately translates into better patient care and the overall betterment of the field.

SKY Meeting 2023

This year’s SKY Meeting is distinguishable by its focus on three pivotal skills, each charting a course towards the frontiers of surgical excellence. 

Fetal Surgery, Robotics & Technology

Firstly, the event embarks on a journey into under-explored surgical territories, most notably in the realm of fetal surgery. By delving into this pioneering discipline, it endeavours to unravel uncharted pathways and possibilities, promising to redefine the boundaries of surgical practice. Secondly, transformative fields of robotics and telesurgery exemplified the integration of new cutting-edge technology. This emphasis underscores the imperative of harnessing innovation to enhance precision, expand surgical capabilities, and usher in a new era of patient care. 

Art of Surgery

Finally, the conference redefines its commitment to knowledge dissemination by providing an enriched array of practical workshops. These immersive, hands-on experiences aimed to empower participants with tangible skills and insights. They ensured that the theoretical expertise shared throughout the event could be effectively translated into practice. The workshops elevated the competence and confidence of all those engaged in the art of surgery.

Honoured Speakers

While there may not be “noble lectures” in the traditional sense, this year’s conference boasts two luminaries of the medical world. They delivered keynote addresses, each of them distinguished by their remarkable contributions to the field of surgery. Dr. Kypros Nicolaides, a true pioneer in the domain of fetal surgery, graced the event. His groundbreaking work elevated the standard of prenatal care. He has also demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the betterment of patients and their families. Dr. Nicolaides’ impressive achievements include innovations in fetal surgical techniques. They have contributed significantly to the well-being of unborn infants, showcasing his dedication to pushing the boundaries of surgical excellence.

Additionally, event had the honor to host Dr. Jacques Marescaux, a trailblazer renowned for orchestrating the world’s very first telesurgery. Dr. Marescaux’s innovative spirit and technological acumen had reshaped the landscape of surgical practice. He made geographical barriers obsolete in the pursuit of providing advanced surgical care. His pioneering work in telesurgery not only advances surgical precision but also signifies a profound commitment to the global betterment of healthcare. With telecommunication and technology, he is firmly establishing him as a visionary in the surgical world.

As the meeting concluded, the attendees networked by enjoying a dinner night with live music at the Hard Rock Café Porto.


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