13th December 2023 - Superior School of Health Polytechnic Institute of Port


BioTechLife is a biotechnology event focusing on biotechnology. It is an attempt to narrow the gap between the public and biotechnology. It advances public accessibility to scientific and technological knowledge on the wide subject of biotechnology in today’s world. Moreover, it defines the impact of biotechnology on our future. Regenerative medicine, food biotechnology, microbiology, biotechnology in healthcare, oncology, and environmental biotechnology are just a few of the subjects that will be covered at this event.

1st Edition

The 1st edition of BioTechLife took place on 13th December 2023. The venue was the Superior School of Health, Polytechnic Institute of Porto. The theme of this incredibly innovative congress is to explore, redefine, and conclude the significance of biotechnology. Since everyone is linked to biotechnology, everyone was welcomed at this prime event. 200 attendees made it to the event, both in person and online. 

Aims & Achievements

BioTechLife addressed scientific and technological knowledge. It encouraged interaction and networking with people who work in the field.  This edition of BioTechLife remained quite focused on the agenda. The poster presentation stirred some competition in the event.


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