Is A Steel Toe Boot Enough To Stop A Bullet?


How often does one check whether a steel boot is sturdy enough to stop a bullet? Probably never. It requires some real guts to test a bullet on oneself. And this one guy had just the right amount of guts to check whether a steel toe boot could stop a 0.45 caliber bullet.

He was having a casual conversation with his coworkers about whether steel toe boots are strong enough to withstand a round from a 0.45 caliber bullet. This guy put this theory to test, without realizing the consequences of what would happen if it failed. Without thinking about the aftermath of his experiment, he pulled the trigger.

The picture clearly shows that based on the placement of the shot, the shooter almost missed the steel toe insert in his boot. This was probably a blessing in disguise because it prevented the metal shrapnel from spreading throughout the foot. This could have actually led to lead poisoning and intoxication because of a lodged bullet. It can actually be quite fatal if not recognized.

A normal person would probably take their foot out of the boot before testing their theory or put something inside the boot (not your foot) if the primary purpose of doing so is to find out the potential of damage inflicted.

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Dr. Aiman Shahab is a dentist with a bachelor’s degree from Dow University of Health Sciences. She is an experienced freelance writer with a demonstrated history of working in the health industry. Skilled in general dentistry, she is currently working as an associate dentist at a private dental clinic in Karachi, freelance content writer and as a part time science instructor with Little Medical School. She has also been an ambassador for PDC in the past from the year 2016 – 2018, and her responsibilities included acting as a representative and volunteer for PDC with an intention to make the dental community of Pakistan more connected and to work for benefiting the underprivileged. When she’s not working, you’ll either find her reading or aimlessly walking around for the sake of exploring. Her future plans include getting a master’s degree in maxillofacial and oral surgery, settled in a metropolitan city of North America.


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