heART 2022

heART 2022
heART 2022

Up to 80 % of cardiovascular-induced deaths are preventable. Accounting for the major burden of total deaths worldwide, heart diseases definitely deserve our attention. The heART 2022 fights against cardiovascular diseases by building a platform for experts to learn, discuss, and grow together. Moreover, it also functions by creating space for dialogue and communication between experts and the people. 

In contrast to religion, science is qualified by its accessibility to everyone. Paving the fundament of communication and health literacy is an important responsibility of health care professionals and our society. 

Pandemic Lessons

Drawing necessary consequences from the pandemic, too many unanswered questions evoke the suggestions of an elitist and inaccessible scientific world. This resembles a scene from a kafkaesque tragedy. Men are cut off from their deeply entrenched need for understanding their environment, leaving behind a gashing wound within society. Discussion followed by clear answers should ease the pain. 

In the HeART’s way, art is used as a catalyst for public awareness about cardiovascular disease and prevention. Walking HeARTs way, doctors, as well as the public, will see that every one of us is essential to building and strengthening a healthy, thriving, and prospering society.

We fight the world´s #1 killer!

heART brings you three different sessions!

Expert Talks: Transforming Science

Friday, 30th September 2022
11:00 – 19:00
Kleines Haus Der Kunst
Vienna, Austria

The Expert Talks at heART 2022 are a high-end conference with personally-invited guests. They will talk to an audience of opinion leaders, pioneers, and dedicated healthcare professionals. Medical experts from the university setting, from internal medicine and from general medicine, will gather to discuss cutting-edge science. They will speak about recent clinical controversies, and groundbreaking achievements in top careers to bring patient care to the next level. 

Finally, debates among the audience in between the lectures will facilitate new perspectives and approaches for the individual doctor. It will also pave the way for the essential feeling of team spirit and cooperation in a globally recognized Austrian health care system.

Empower the People: Empower the Public Awareness

Friday, 30th September 2022
ART CHARITY GALA & Carpe Noctem Get-Together:
19:00 – 22:30 & 22:45 – 04:00
Kleines Haus Der Kunst
Vienna, Austria

Empower the People is a heterogeneous group of key players in health will debate in front and with the people to improve the understanding of the scientific process, and our health system and shed light on cardiovascular disease. Top leaders in Medicine, Science, Industry, Politics, Arts, and Media who shape our society will stand their ground for pressing health care questions from each other and the public. 

The session will unveil scientific facts as well as physical principles. This will turn Vienna into a centre for open discussion and interconnection between specialists from areas of medicine, politics, science and art. Also, it will incorporate health in physical, mental, and social aspects. 

The silent killers such as hypertonia and diabetes lead to atherosclerosis causing myocardial infarction and stroke. Awareness of controllable risk factors and prevention will be raised.

The deadliest killer is always invisible.

Artistic Charity Gala & Carpe Noctem Get-Together: Applying Art as Medicine

Saturday, 1st October 2022
10:00 – 18:30
Kleines Haus Der Kunst
Vienna, Austria

The Artistic Charity Gala targets not only to inspire and move the audience but also aims to unveil the healing power of art in different aspects, by connecting art to medicine. This event is a contribution and significant support for the worldwide helping agent Doctors Without Borders. It will create media awareness to shed light on the world´s leading killer – Cardiovascular Disease. This international conference is about paving the way for team spirit, togetherness, and possibly even katharsis to make us reconnect and unify.

HeART 2022 encompasses great network opportunities through outstanding audiences from different fields. This conference guarantees a phenomenal experience through its diverse inspiration and unmet potential for blowing ideas. 

The HeARTs Charity Gala in favour of Doctors Without Borders is gladly looking forward to welcoming exceptional talents such as Philipp Hochmair (Burgtheater, Romy winner), Angelo Pollak (State Opera), Juliet Khalil (Folk Opera), Thorsteinn Einarsson (International Hit Leya), Florian Nentwich (Jazz pianist), Lidia Baich (internationally successful violinist), Bildender Künstler XY. 

The human soul is a poor wandering stranger. Until it breaths, and speaks in between the words.

Ready for debate and communication!

Here are the speakers!

  • Prim. Prof. Dr. Günther Laufer – Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery, Medical University of Vienna
  • Christoph Huber – Biotech founder 
  • Peter Hacker – Health Councilor
  • Magister Martin Biedermann, ORF, Head of Marketing
  • Dr. Anneliese Rohrer 
  • Christian Ludwig Attersee
  • Dr. Franz Schuh
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Albrecht Schröder 


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