Fully Vaccinated Man Dies of COVID-19 a Month After

Fully Vaccinated Man Dies of COVID-19 a Month After
Source: ABC7 Chicago

75-year-old grandfather of four dies in what is known as a “breakthrough” case.

75-year-old Flossmoor is one of the few “breakthrough” COVID-19 cases in which fully vaccinated people get the infection. Moreover, in some cases, die. Almost two weeks after his second dose, the 75-year-old grandfather “felt free” and decided to spend the night with his friends. He wanted to celebrate getting through the year.

“It was a Saturday, and he said instead of getting together for dinner tonight, kids, I’m going to meet you guys for lunch because I’m going out with my friends tonight to celebrate that we made it through this year,” said Bonnie Sporn, his daughter.

Unfortunately, days later, one of the people at the dinner tested positive for COVID-19 and so did Flossmoor.

He died a month after getting vaccinated. “I got my vaccine, and a lot of people should and did get it. But vaccines aren’t a hundred percent,” his daughter said.

Getting the infection after you have been vaccinated is known as a “breakthrough infection”. This is when someone tests positive for COVID-19 2 weeks after receiving both doses of the vaccine. Although most cases of infection are mild and asymptomatic, statistics show that at least 97 fully vaccinated people have been hospitalised in the US as of recently. In addition, 32 have died in Illinois alone.

“When people hear these numbers, they have to recognize that no vaccine is perfect, but this vaccine is still very, very, very good,” said Dr. Stephen Schrantz, Infectious Disease Specialist, Univ. Of Chicago Medicine.

The vaccine may be less effective for those who have a compromised immune system.

In this case, Flossmoor was battling chronic lymphocytic leukemia. What’s more, a test before his death showed that he had no COVID antibodies despite being fully vaccinated.

“I wish more people knew about the antibody test,” Sporn said. “It’s just one more test, and it’s a safety procedure that would have definitely saved my father’s life.”

“There is some movement in that regard to push people to potentially get a test to make sure the vaccine took,” Schrantz said.

The transmission dynamics of the virus are still quite unknown. In addition, there are several uncertainties about the vaccines with questionable efficacies. This is one of the reasons why it is essential to wear a mask while indoors and socially distance even if you are fully vaccinated.


‘Breakthrough’ COVID death: Fully-vaccinated Flossmoor man, 75, dies from virus a month after 2nd vaccine dose https://abc7chicago.com/breakthrough-covid-after-vaccine-death-il/10558121/

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