Baby becomes internet sensation by “walking” minutes after birth

Walking baby

Mystery of the “walking baby”

A baby became an internet sensation after a video clip of him walking a few minutes after birth went viral. The incident which was nothing less than a prodigy left the internet awestruck! However, there were some people who also questioned the video’s authenticity. The video of the “walking baby” born in Brazil shows that the midwife cannot believe her eyes. “Oh my gosh, the girl is walking. Good gracious!” she says.

Another person who is also in the room is heard saying in the video, “wait, let me film this.” The midwife later said that while she was trying to give the baby a bath, she kept wanting to get up and walk. “Merciful father. I was trying to wash her here and she keeps getting up to walk,” she says. She further pointed out the area the child had already walked to, saying, “she has walked from here to here.”

Babies usually don’t start walking until they are 12 months old and certainly not right after birth.

It is entirely unusual for babies to start walking right after they are born. They go through phases of being able to sit up and crawling before they start walking. However, this bizarre event can be explained with what is known as a primitive reflex in babies. Primitive reflexes are involuntary motor responses that occur because of a certain stimuli. Such as in this case the baby must have been held up while being bathed with the soles of her feet touching a flat surface, leading her to try to put one foot in front of the other. This may have made it look as though she were walking, leaving the hospital staff amazed.

Watch video below:



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