An Iron Rod Penetrates Through the Orbit and Skull

Iron rod injury
Source: BMC Surgery

A 35-year-old man presented to the emergency with an iron rod piercing through his right orbit and skull. The man had fallen from his terrace onto an iron fence that was five meters below. His GCS score on admission was 6. Doctors removed the rod in ER. They also conducted a CT scan to determine the extent of the injuries caused by the rod. It showed the involvement of the orbital floor, roof, zygoma and frontal lobes of his brain. Moreover, the scan showed a subdural haemorrhage. However, his right ocular globe was spared.

Immediate Surgical Intervention

Doctors performed surgery to control the subdural haemorrhage and correct the defects in the patient’s brain and face. Both neurosurgeons and maxillofacial surgeons played a part in this reconstructive surgery. They debrided the necrotic tissue and repaired the injuries using grafts and collagen membranes.

The doctors admitted the patient to the ICU after the surgery. Doctors discharged him after seeing significant improvements in his condition. However, they kept him on a broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy to prevent any infections.

Unexpected Recovery From a Penetrating Rod Injury

The patient showed an excellent recovery post-surgery. His follow-up CT after one month indicated good reconstruction of the orbit and cranium. Moreover, his visual acuity was unaffected and his ocular movements were normal too. Just eight months after his surgery, he resumed his career as a street musician. Overall, the prognosis of his treatment after the accident was good.


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