A Smartphone App that can Manage Diabetes


It is a surprise for many that diabetes requires a tremendous amount of data to manage the condition. People who have diabetes must monitor mediation amount, time, in addition to their intake of protein and carbohydrates. All of these affect their ultimate data point needed for the management of diabetes.

Furthermore, capturing the blood sugar measurements and sharing them with the care provider is a very manual and disconnected process. Patients usually bring the devices to their doctors who must have the app in their own clinical systems as well. Hence it may require some bits of the software to accommodate the device used among the diabetic population. The data is downloaded only at the clinic visits. It means that clinicians have very little time to review it and decide the treatment plan, mostly just a minute.

Easier Diabetes Management

Glooko has created an app and a remote patient monitoring platform that can eradicate the difficulties of this process. They wanted to come up with a way to digitize the traditional process for better data capturing, sharing, and analysis.

The app syncs with 95% of the diabetes devices today. For example, blood sugar monitors to insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring systems, biometric devices, and smart insulin pens. The patients can track their data easily through the visual platform.

Guiding Care Plans through Data Analysis

Users can trust the app with their data and can download it on their smartphones and tablets. Moreover, the app shows different patterns in the blood sugar reading, reminding the users to take their medicine or check their blood sugar again. They can also log in to their meals with the food database.

The app can be synced with multiple devices and it also provides a support link to the care team when users share the data.


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