3rd Pharma and Device Packaging & Labelling Forum

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3rd Pharma & Device Packaging and Labelling Forum is an exemplary platform to meet and build a network with the most accomplished experts in the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, competent visionaries from around the world are ready to exclusively deliberate over the latest innovations. Explore the growing opportunities in the pharmaceutical packaging and labelling industry!

Pharmaceutical critics believe in thinking out-of-the-box to stay ahead of the competition. In this era where medical advances and patient care are pacing up every passing moment; it is utterly significant for the pharmaceutical industry to optimise drug delivery for healthcare professionals and patients. Moreover, this aids accommodation of differentiated needs of time where a combination of products. For example, biologics, vaccines and other speciality medicines would become essential.

3rd Pharma and Device Packaging & Labelling Forum is a virtual conference. It will be held on 29 March 2022 at 13:00 CET entertaining approximately 100 attendees. The lecturers and speakers will deliver the conference in English for better understanding.

Highlights of Forum 

The attendees will be research scientists, CEOs, CSOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Group Leaders of Packaging & Labelling, Product Information Operations, Marketing and Sales Patient Compliance, Design Regulatory Affairs, Digital Printing, Supply chain and logistics, Design Regulatory Affairs, End-to-End Labelling. In addition, this event welcomes 15 honourable lecturers and speakers who will share opinions and facts about fifteen topics including Advances in Smart Packaging & E-Labelling Requirement, 360 Degree Packaging Security, Sustainable Packaging Materials, Importance of Artwork, Management & Packaging Design, Multi-text Labels and International Standards of Medical Device Packaging.

The experts for 3rd Pharma and Device Packaging & Labelling Forum include Packaging Expert at Novartis Ms. Katarzyna MIKOŁAJCZYK, Associate Director Science & Technology – Global Device & Packaging Development at Novartis Mr. Hicham Majd, Packaging Engineering Group Lead at Abbott Mr. Swanand Kullarwar, Asst. General Manager at Fresenius Kabi Oncology Ltd Mr. Shivaji Chakraborty, Packaging Engineer at Boehringer Ingelheim Ms. Karen Lopez Gaona, Solution Consultant at Esko Mr. Steven Brookes, Business Development Executive at Esko Mr. Simon Cavanagh, Head-Packaging Development at Aurobindo Pharma Limited Mr. Chandi Prasad Ravipati, and Device Manager – Human Factors/ User Interfaces at Novartis Ms. Cornelia Hain. 

The forum will deliver senior-level executive insights, unrivalled networking and knowledge sharing opportunities with high-value actionable content on multiple facets of the industry.

Here’s the answer to the recent quiz

What would be the closing statements of this year’s program? 

On behalf of the organisation, I’d like to express my gratitude to all participants, presenters, sponsors, and media partners for joining us. It was a highly fruitful event; it was originally scheduled to be a two-day physical event, but owing to Covid-19, it was reduced to a one-day virtual event. The message, though, was obvious, and the occasion was productive. What I like best about today’s conference is hearing from a variety of stakeholders, including CROs, Sponsors, Senior Executives, Heads, Directors, Managers, Advisors, Strategists, and Analysts in Supply Chain and Logistics, Packaging and Labeling, Marketing and Sales, Patient Compliance, and many others. I look forward to seeing everyone at the next Physical Event.


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