GammaTile Delays Cancer Regrowth and Protects Healthy Tissue


GammaTile, a new tremendously targeted radiation therapy with precise placement has been offered by UC San Diego Health. Moreover, this radiation therapy can delay tumour regrowth and protect healthy tissues in patients suffering from brain cancer.

Neurosurgeon Marc Schwartz, UC San Deigo Health said,

As the only academic medical centre in the region, UC San Diego Health is committed to offering patients with brain cancer the most innovative and effective treatments available

This new treatment option may extend the lifespan for certain patients and improve their quality of life.


GammaTile, approved by FDA, uses small seeds of radiation or brachytherapy. They are implanted at the site of the tumour during surgery and absorbed into the body naturally. This mechanism helps in treating malignant and recurrent tumours of the brain. Moreover, glaucoma, glioblastomas, and meningiomas are also included.

Every therapeutic seed will be approximately the size of a postage stamp and would consist of radiation sources, embedded in the tile; in addition, it will deliver a precise and targeted radiation dosage. لعبة البوكر The radiation starts by targeting tumour cells in areas where they may recur. العاب قمار حقيقي Moreover, the seeds immerse in the tissues over time after the delivery of the radiation.

The clinical trial also evaluated that the treatment resulted in multiple tumour-free months in comparison with the prior treatments with brain tumour recurrence in the same area. اندرويد كازينو


According to the American Cancer Society, in the United States, more than 25,000 people are diagnosed with spinal cord tumours and malignant brain cancer every year. Moreover, aggressive tumours may be resistant to treatment and may also recur and previously, the standardized treatment for patients with brain tumours was removal followed by adjuvant therapy. It also included chemotherapy and radiation. Furthermore, traditional treatments were approximately thirty treatments and extended over several weeks. However, GammaTile, an alternative option, is a breakthrough from that and the recurrence of brain tumours.

Parag Sanghvi MD, radiation oncologist, UC San Diego Health said,

The number of radiation sessions patients with brain cancer undergo can be stressful and time-consuming. This new radiation therapy will allow us to provide select patients with recurrent brain tumours with an alternative option

Ultimately, we will provide therapeutic doses of radiation to the tumour, while minimizing additional radiation dosage to previously irradiated brain tissue.

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