Case Of Vancomycin-Induced Linear IgA Bullous Dermatosis

The New England Journal of Medicine
  • Linear IgA bullous dermatosis is an autoimmune vesiculobullous disease that is typically idiopathic, however, can rarely be caused because of medications or infections.
  • Vancomycin is the most common drug associated with linear IgA bullous dermatosis.
  • The vesiculobullous lesions typically appear 24 hours to 15 days after the first dose of vancomycin.

A 67-year-old male patient presented to the emergency with complain of a diffuse rash that had appeared a day ago. The patient’s medical history revealed that he had undergone surgery for prostate cancer that was initially treated with radiotherapy, however was complicated with the development of a urethral stricture.

In addition, he was recently diagnosed with polymicrobial pubic osteomyelitis and myositis from a urethral fistula. He was started on treatment with cefepime and vancomycin. However, 10 days after he was started on the antibiotic therapy, he complained of a burning sensation on his tongue. Moreover, the patient also developed erythematous patches with blistering on the abdomen, arms and legs.

On physical examination, vesicles were evident on the axilla and tongue (Panel A). Similarly, eythematous plaques with vesicles were also present on the patient’s abdomen, arms and legs (Panel B). There were no signs of fever, organ dysfunction or eosinophilia.

Histopathological analysis of the biopsied specimen showed neutrophilic papillitis with microvesicles (Panel C, hematoxylin and eosin). To confirm the diagnosis, direct immune fluorescent test was performed which showed a linear deposition of IgA along the basement membrane zone (Panel D). The patient was suspected to have vancomycin-induced linear IgA bullous dermatosis. The vancomycin was discontinued and the patient was prescribed with cefepime.

1 day after the withdrawal of vancomycin, no further lesions developed. Moreover, at 1 month of follow-up, there was a complete resolution of the mucocutaneous lesions.


Vancomycin-Induced Linear IgA Bullous Dermatosis

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