Cannabis Can Increase The Intensity Of Orgasm


Cannabis users have a better orgasm when high. This was concluded in a study conducted to investigate sex and cannabis. Moreover, they found that it also increases libido.

The researchers asked 811 participants between the ages of 18 to 85 several questions regarding their cannabis use and sex life. Surprisingly, not much difference was seen between the age groups. 70% of them reported an increase in orgasm and desires when under the influence of cannabis. Moreover, 40% of women reported having more than one orgasm per sexual encounter.

More than half of the people who were surveyed said they used cannabis on purpose before sexual encounters. Since they believed it increases libido and pleasure. However, because of the nature of the study, which was a survey, there was no definitive conclusion. It wasn’t confirmed whether it was because of sexual pleasure, the effects of the drug, or a placebo.

The team wrote,

Those who reported intentionally using cannabis before sex had significantly higher scale scores than those who reported not intentionally using cannabis before sex,

This can be interpreted as those who intentionally used cannabis before sex perceived a greater benefit to their sexual functioning and satisfaction compared to those who do not intentionally use cannabis before sex. These results may be because of the mental mindset that using cannabis will increase pleasure due to the aphrodisiac notions of cannabis rather than a true physiological effect.

However, the authors also said that the relaxation effect of cannabis may lead to an increased desire of reduced inhibitions. Therefore, people may have increased sexual satisfaction and functioning.

The authors cited similar studies where they discovered improvement in sexual function after cannabis use. Moreover, the foreplay was also longer.

Another finding of the study is that cannabis users reported an increase in touch and taste. The question was added because of the use of senses during sexual activities.

They wrote,

The enhancement of taste and touch could increase overall sexual functioning and satisfaction because these are two senses that are heavily used during sexual intercourse,


The participants did not record the doses and the study wasn’t comparative with people who do not use cannabis. Moreover, the team believes that findings can help use cannabis for sexual dysfunction.


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