Breeding Live Worms In The Urine

Worms in urine
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We know that it’s natural for women to nurture beings (thanks to their kind hearts). But breeding live worms in urine? That’s way too natural!

A 19 year old girl presented to hospital with a complaint of voiding live worms in her urine. She had this problem for the last 2-3 years during which she reported dysuria, fever and itching in her genital and peri-urethral regions, on multiple occasions.

The girl had been examined previously for a possible infestation with parasites. However, a thorough examination of her condition had not been done until now. Therefore, she was subjected to a detailed urine analysis and stool examination using direct and concentrated smears. Radiological studies were also done to make an accurate diagnosis.

Findings and Diagnosis

Stool examinations of the girl were normal. Also, no abnormalities were reported on imaging techniques such as X-ray and ultrasound. However, two fresh urines samples that were taken had larvae. They had to be studied under both stereoscopic and transmission electron microscope. Studies indicated that the worms in the urine were actually larvae of Psychoda albipennis.

Anyhow, after a meticulous spell of diagnostic tests and imaging, doctors concluded that the girl suffered from a condition known as Human Urinary Myasis.

It is a condition of infestation of the human body with parasites. The live larvae of parasites are passed in the urine. This can cause frequent urinary tract infections and can also manifest systemically as fever and malaise. It is a rare condition and very few cases have been documented so far.

Back To The Usual Grind

Although it’s unusual in itself to break unusualness in simple steps, for this girl it worked just fine. Her condition was reversed with a simple treatment protocol. She was advised to observe strict personal hygiene and maintain an adequate hydration status with at least 3 liters of water everyday. She was also given a solitary dose of ivermectin 12 mg and was kept on a complete course of urinary antibiotic. This was just about it!

At present, the patient is doing well. She has been asymptomatic for quite some time now. And no, she does not pass any more worms in her urine.




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