Mom’s cuddles bring a “dead” premature baby back to life

Mom's cuddles bring a

Premature baby miraculously lives!

Kate gave birth to premature twins, Jamie and Emily 2 minutes apart on March 25th, 2010. However, one of the twins born stopped breathing a few minutes after being born. The first-time parents thought that this was the only time they would have with their premature baby. And asked the doctors if they could hold him for a few minutes before they let him go. But, what happened next left both parents and the doctors surprised!

Soon after the parents held the baby for tender embrace, he started gasping for air. The little boy started moving in his mother’s arm. What’s more, the breathing grew stronger. The staff on duty rushed back to the baby’s aid and resuscitated him back to life.

The couple had been trying for at least a few years till they got pregnant. They were more than delighted when they found out that they were expecting twins, a boy and a girl.

The babies were born premature 6 months into the pregnancy.

Although premature births come with several complications, the parents weren’t prepared for what happened next. “They were both born in their sac but Jamie didn’t make a noise when they tore it open. Emily let out a big wail,” said the mother. She further added, “we looked over and everyone was crowding around Jamie – there was about 20 people in the room. The vibe wasn’t very good”. 

Doctors had lost all hope for the boy to survive. After being told the tragic news, Kate ordered ordered her husband to take off his shirt and get into bed with her and the baby. Soon after, the baby started gasping for air and opened his eyes.

When they were told the devastating news, Kate ordered her husband to take off his shirt and get into the bed to provide extra warmth - and miraculously he gasped for air and opened his eyes

Fast forward a few years, the twins are about to turn 5 with no medical issues.

The process of birth is stressful and exhausting for both the mother and the baby. But, a simple step like skin-to-skin contact can help make it easier for babies to adapt to the new environment. There is evidence that shows it even helps regulate the baby’s heartbeat and lower stress levels. Such as in this case.


Revived by the power of love: Incredible moment ‘dead’ premature baby came back to life after mother begged to cuddle him for a few last moments and ordered baby’s dad to take off his shirt and help

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