44th IMSC

12-15 May 2023 - Struga, Macedonia

44th International Medical Scientific Congress
44th International Medical Scientific Congress

The long-standing and uninterrupted tradition of 44th International Medical Scientific Congress speaks for its success and quality, making it one of the oldest student congresses in Europe. More than three hundred students and young doctors from the Republic of Macedonia and abroad actively participate in the congress every year. Moreover, this congress is one of the seven congresses organized by student organizations that are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). It also receives recognition from the International Federation of Medical Student Organizations (IFMSA).

The 44th IMSC will be held on 13-15 April 2023 in Cracow, Poland. You can participate in this conference by simply registering here!

Research & Workshops

The Congress consists of two parts that are equal in importance; research and academic lectures and workshops.

Presenting & Publishing Scientific Papers

In research, medical students and young doctors aim to write a scientific paper and present it before an expert committee. Any full-time student from the medical faculties in the country and abroad can apply for writing a scientific paper. They will work under the mentorship of a professor of their choice. A specific topic is elaborated, and a poster and a PowerPoint presentation are prepared, which are presented in front of an audience during the congress. A committee made up of professors from the Faculty of Medicine from Skopje is in charge of their scoring and assessment. However, this year the congress plans to include professors from abroad as well. Each professor individually and impartially evaluates each presentation. At the end, awards are given for the best oral presentations and the best poster presentations.

With this type of competition, the emphasis is not only on the oratorical abilities of the participants but also the artistic side they put into designing the posters. In addition, all papers are published in an abstract that is published after the congress.

Hands-on Training

The academic lectures and workshops on several areas and topics help the medical students to connect their knowledge with the everyday experiences of the lecturers. The preliminarily conceived program is set up so that through interactive communication, all aspects of modern medicine are covered, and adapted to the participants’ knowledge. Among other things, presentations are also held in the fields of pharmacology, medical ethics and public health.

Socializing & Networking

In addition to the educational part, there is also a social part which includes parties, socializing and games. With this, we further contribute to better interaction and the strengthening of new acquaintances among the attendees.

The 44th IMSC marks the annual tradition of the Macedonian Medical Students’ Association. It is highly anticipated by medical students and young doctors every year from all around the world. This organization is an honorary member of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations – IFMSA. Moreover, it also contributes to the Medical Faculty in Skopje. With this remarkable position, it strives to connect students with each other and bring them together in one place. With the goal to build better and successful academic citizens, the organization aims to strengthen studies and future in medicine.


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