43rd IMS Congress 2022


The International Medical Scientific (IMS) Congress is a 4-day event for medical students and young doctors across the world. This congress provides them with the ideal opportunity to present their scientific research. Moreover, compete to receive great prizes and have their research published. In addition, eminent professors will teach every participant new hands-on skills. Participants learn a lot from the congress!

The 43rd IMS Congress 2022 will take place in Ohrid “The pearl of the Balkans”. It is a beautiful city with a rich history in the Republic of North Macedonia from 20th – 24th May 2022. Furthermore, this in-person event is an international event therefore English remains the language for the delivery of sessions, workshops and, overall, conference. 43rd IMS Congress expects approximately 250 participants this year!


The pandemic of COVID-19 didn’t hesitate to set extreme boundaries for the public. Keeping this dilemma in view, the main theme of the 43rd IMS Congress is #RejoiceTheExperience. It is a sign that life will return to normal. So, we should get back to physical in-person events and socialize.

How to register?

Registration for the event is very simple! Go to this form and fill in the requirements. Every participant will receive a registration package consisting of an ECO bag, mug, pens, and an interesting abstract book also.

Review: 42nd IMS Congress

42nd IMS Congress focused on the fundamentals of any good doctor. The fundamentals include airway and breathing management, in addition to suturing, casting, and lymph node examination. Furthermore, there may be some more advanced but interesting skills such as ultrasound, and laparoscopy, as well as some traditional medicine such as acupuncture.


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