XI In4Med Conference – Awakening Curious Minds


In4Med is a scientific and medical congress, organised by and for medical students, with the main objective of nurturing interest in medical evolution. Thus, it actively participates in the training and grooming of future health professionals allowing them to access unique experiences that enrich them on a personal and professional level. 

In its most recent editions, In4Med was up to date with major international medical congresses. It was associated with Nobel laureate names such as Prof. Dr. Erwin Neher, Dr. Ada Yonath, Dr. Leland Hartwell and Dr. John Gurdon. Moreover, other internationally renowned speakers such as Dr. Paul Pasquina, Dr. Nuno Silva, Dr. Philippe Schucht, Dr. Mark Hannaford, Dr. Mads Gilbert, Dr. David Grant, Dr. Luca Mazzone are also a part of it. In addition to all mentioned, XI In4Med is delighted to announce the presence of Dr. Gregg L. Semenza, 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. 

Date and Venue

The XI In4Med will take place on the 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th of February 2022, at the Convention Centre of Convento São Francisco, Coimbra, Portugal. Moreover, In4Med’s audience can accommodate up to 700 students for each day of the conference from various Portuguese and European Universities. In addition, this in-person conference will consider English as the conference language except for debates. Debates will be delivered in Portuguese. However, translation audio guides will be provided to non-Portuguese speaking participants. 

“Awakening curious minds, one piece at a time”

The organising student body believes in the power of curiosity as it encourages a step forward towards knowledge, skill and expertise. Furthermore, this conference confidently offers the participants the basics they need to contribute to an advanced and healthy world.

Representation of Scientific Advancements in Healthcare

In4Med represents not only the most recent scientific advances in healthcare but also has the goal to develop the humanistic capacities of those who will become the doctors of tomorrow. This conference tends to ignite curiosity and lead the upcoming doctors towards exploring creativity, determination and critical spirit.

The Scientific Program of the XI In4Med consists of 3 panels each on a medical or surgical speciality. In addition to these panels, there are more than 50 workshops and several personalised training experiences. Each session with speakers, workshops and training has the critical architecture to provide an exclusive experience to participants, providing them with a world-class learning experience. 

The XI In4Med invites honourable faculty members to become a part of an evolving and emerging medical education-associated conference. Furthermore, the members include Dr. José Manuel Silva, Mayor of Coimbra; Dr. Rosa Maria dos Reis Marques, President of the Regional Health Administration of the Center; Dr. Carlos Cortes, President of the Regional Council of the Ordem dos Médicos of the central region; Dr. Marta Temido, Minister of Health; Dr. Carlos Robalo Cordeiro, Director of FMUC; and Maria Loio, president of NEM/AAC.


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