World’s largest uterine tumour weighing 32 kg!!


A woman in Guatemala looked heavily pregnant at first glance but there was something much more serious taking shape under the surface. She had a tumour growing in her uterus for seven years, and it weighed a shocking 32 kg by the time it was removed!!
The biggest ever uterine tumour caused the woman to look pregnant with multiple children when she arrived at the hospital as the circumference of her stomach stretched to 137 cm. The woman suffered from leiomyoma, a benign cancer which may become a cancer.

The previous record for the largest ever fibroid was held by a 30 kg tumour which was removed at a hospital in Karnataka’s Raichur. The woman had refused surgical treatment to her condition seven years back due to personal and cultural reasons.
She is now stable and the chances of growing another tumour are less if she was postmenopausal.

Source: IG@Medicaltalks


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