Vital Connect: Cardiac Monitoring Mobile Technology

vital connect

Vital Connect will now monitor cardiac modalities with vital signs!

Multimodal devices may soon be replacing wearables, which perform single biosensing functions. However, it is expected, that soon biosensing devices will be performing suites of tests. It is also speculated that upcoming devices that will check vital signs will acquire new patient monitoring modes. It will be using a combination of over-the-air (OTA) updates and artificial intelligence (AI).

While everyone is waiting for the Swiss Army biosensors. Vital Connect, which is San Jose-based is continuing to add meaningful measurement parameters to its cardiac monitoring mobile technology. In February Vital Patch’s monitoring lineup included twenty-two unique arrhythmias and eleven vital signs.

Furthermore, another device that was announced by Vital Connect last month, is more advanced. The device has an addition of mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT). This addition is beneficial for tracking multiple cardiac modalities. Moreover, it can monitor arrhythmia and check vital signs at the same time.

Low Energy Platform

The Vital Connect platform uses Bluetooth with low energy, which transmits the data in real time. Moreover, with the MCT functionality of the patch, a clinician or patient care team member would monitor the vital signs while the cardiac monitoring technicians will analyze the cardiac data. Other than the ECG data, the MCT vital patch will stream the heart rate, heart rate variability, activity, and respiratory rate.

Vital Connect is continuing to develop front-end biosensing components with back-end data analysis in addition to diagnostics capabilities. They will be used to prove the data.

Digital Biometric Sensing Wearables and Devices

The current time is of digital biometric sensing devices and wearables. Multiple new super devices are also being formulated. Since the growing number of clinical-grade measurement devices are getting FDA clearance. They are now termed as independent new classes of super devices. Eventually, the conclusion is that the potential for digital wellness along with medicine is limitless.


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