15th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2022

Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2022

The 15th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2022 is an invitation-only premium event for research scientists and pharmacology experts. Discuss the latest challenges and state-of-the-art solutions in drug discovery!

R&D and Technology

This innovative programme is intended to present top-class strategic content and current scientific insights. Also, networking and discussions with the leading global pharmaceutical Research & Development (R&D) executives are important aims. DDIP is a virtual congress that aims to focus on technology and innovative processes fundamentally changing drug discovery and research. Furthermore, it also plans to highlight and discuss the interference of the COVID-19 pandemic in Research & Development (R&D). Technology plays a crucial character in resolving challenges thus, experts will demonstrate their lectures and opinions on the contribution.

The event is scheduled online on 2nd March 2022 at 13:00 CET. 15th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme will entertain 100 attendees over 6 networking hours. With 15 speakers sharing their thoughts and opinions about 15 research and development-oriented topics, the conference aims excellency. English remains the language for the delivery of conference.

Research Scientists & Experts

The attendees will be research scientists, CEOs, CSOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Group Leaders of bioinformatics and non-clinical development. This is not all! The audience also includes traditional oncology, machine learning research, analytical sciences, intelligent system laboratory, and Drug Discovery & Research (R&D). The conference also focuses on pre-clinical research, medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, machine learning, translational biology, immunology, cancer biology, and AI. More highlights are structural biochemistry from small, midsize and large pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology, academia, non-profit organisations, government agencies, and solution providers.

Therapeutics and AI

The 15th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2022 outlines a remarkable set of key topics for presentation. They include Road to AI, Lead generation strategies, Boosting immunotherapy, Advances in drug design, and RNA therapeutics. Translating omics into therapeutics, Pre-clinical strategies, Hit triage and validation strategies, Medicinal chemistry toolbox, and Novel drug target discovery and validation remain highlights of the event.

Revolution of Research

The 15th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2022 has the honour to invite the most competent personalities from pharmaceutical companies and medical universities. They will dedicate their quality time to the progress and revolution of research. The expert panel includes Principal Scientist Dan Bach Kristensen, Co-Founder & CSO Anima Biotech Iris Alroy. The panel also includes President & Chief Executive Officer PDC line Pharma Eric Haliqua, and Associate professor of Medicine University of Montpellier Catherine Alix-panabieres. CEO AISA Therapeutics Patrizia D’Allesio, Leader of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research, PM, WPD Pharmaceuticals Katarzyna Derwinska.

Recognize the potential of pharmaceutical Research & Development (R&D) ready to revolutionise drug therapies. Become a part of the 15th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2022!


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