Tired of Blemishes, Dark Spots and Wrinkles? Well, you might want to try Gaseous Cryotherapy.

Dark spots
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A healthier and younger looking skin is a pretty common yearning among ladies nowadays especially when the aesthetic competition has gone up a notch with the introduction of multiple skin reviving products. People including the celebrities are storming towards such products and therapies to defy age related regression and become half-grown again. To help them achieve this aim, a relatively new therapy that has gathered people’s attention because of its immense aesthetic benefits is cryotherapy.

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Gaseous cryotherapy is a procedure that uses high pressurized carbonic gas sprayed at a very low temperature (-78 degree Celsius) to achieve an immediate fall in temperature over the applied area (thermal shock). The rapid drop in temperature induces autonomic system to vasoconstrict that is followed by reflex vasodilation. The increase in vessel diameter a little later enhances blood flow and the delivery of nutrients to the area causing healing, repair and increased growth.

Say no to wrinkles through cryotherapy:

Cold induced through highly pressurized carbonic gas reduces the nerve conduction velocity. It increases the threshold for firing of neurons by stabilizing their membranes. This means that the conduction of action potentials through the nerves supplying various facial muscles is decreased allowing the muscles to relax. This has an effect of reducing skin wrinkles. Cryotherapy for this purpose is a relatively safe procedure as compared to injection of neurotoxins (botox injections) because it is non-invasive.

Dark circle removal and improved skin quality:

Vasodilation induced by cryotherapy increases cutaneous blood flow. Enhanced blood flow promotes the delivery of essential nutrients to the skin removing dark circles and increasing the overall skin quality. Gaseous cryotherapy also promotes collagen synthesis and reinforces the elastic fibers present in dermal connective tissue. This restores skin’s elastic tendencies and avoids a dangling skin. Cold-induced vasodilation also improves the delivery of antioxidants to the skin that prevents ROS mediated skin damage. A better-quality skin is achieved through regular cryotherapy sessions.

Advantages of cryotherapy over Traditional ice pack treatment:

Clinical data has proven that Hyperbaric gaseous cryotherapy cools the skin far are effectively and rapidly than a traditional ice pack treatment. The effect was observed by:1-using ice pack 2-applying highly pressurized (below 50 bar pressure) CO2 at low temperature (-78 degree Celsius). Application of cryotherapy achieved rapid reduction of skin temperature on the dorsal side of hand on which it was applied and also the palmer aspect of the contralateral hand. Cryotherapy has shown to improve systemic microcirculation which enhances the oxygenation of skin and promotes a healthier skin.


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