This Girl Can’t Help Crying Crystals.

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You would’ve heard of a girl pouring out oceans from her eyes but CRYSTALS, well that’s something new.

Satenik Kazaryan, a 22 year old girl from Armenia, cries nearly 50 crystals every day. The first of them came out when she was at a dentist. It was extremely painful. So, she went to an ophthalmologist where a few more crystals made their way out.

Solving The Dilemma

Kazaryan’s family thought that the crystals were actually pieces of glass that got in her eyes while working on her family’s farm. The doctor however told the family that the crystals were her body’s own crop.

Kazaryan went to a lot of doctors. The first doctor to come across her strange condition gave her eye drops. The drops helped for some time but soon her condition moved up a gear. She started producing more and more of such crystals everyday.

The girl had to go to other doctors to find a treatment. However, all the doctors were equally helpless in this case. One of them even turned her away because he didn’t believe her condition to be real. Some others collected the crystals (tears) and sent them to laboratory for testing. All they could figure out was that the crystals stemmed from her own body.

Crystal Tears Aren’t Biologically Possible

Dr. Ivan Schwab, a professor of ophthalmology at University of California, says that Kazaryan’s condition is physically impossible. According to him, tears lack the required nutrients to turn them into crystalline structures. Moreover, even if the tear apparatus somehow manages to create crystals, such crystals can never pass through the tiny lacrimal ducts.

“I’m not claiming absolute knowledge of this, but I’ve never seen anything like this in my 30-plus years as ophthalmologist. I don’t see how this could happen biochemically or anatomically.”

Dr. Ivan Schwab, Professor of Ophthalmology at University of California.

Dr. Tatyana Shilova, a Russian ophthalmologist, said that the crystals were likely due to an increased salt content that triggered an inflammatory disease in the eye. On the contrary, Dr. Schwab argued that if it was due to a high salt concentration, Kazaryan would have first experienced other health problems (like a heart or brain malfunction).

Anyhow, Kazaryan’s condition remains unexplained. It’s very painful for her to cry crystals everyday.




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