Rare Case of an Ectopic Tooth in the Nose


This article presents a rare case of an intranasal ectopic tooth in a 15-year-old female. She came to the hospital with chronic complaints of hyposmia and nasal obstruction on the left side of the nose for 6 months. She said that she had taken self-administered medications but it had no relief. However, there was no history of maxillofacial surgery or trauma. In addition, she had no significant family history or inborn anomalies. 

Examinations And Investigations

On examination of the nose, the doctors found a lump along the hard palate. For further evaluation, the doctors performed X-ray imaging which revealed a radiopaque focus in the left nasal cavity. On further investigation, the CT scan of paranasal sinuses and left nasal cavity showed a bony structure protruding into the left nasal cavity, in the hard palate. This confirms the diagnosis of an ectopic tooth in the left nasal cavity with no abnormality in the right side of the nasal cavity. All the other teeth appeared normal.

Intranasal Ectopic Tooth

Ectopic teeth develop in places other than the oral cavity.

The incidence of the ectopic tooth in a nasal cavity is an extremely rare case in clinical practice. This can occur in patients with a history of trauma, infections or they may occur in cleft lip or palate patients. The CT scan plays an important role in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of patients. Furthermore, if left untreated, it can cause complications. For example, oro-nasal fistula, external nasal malformation, and fungal infections such as aspergillosis.


The ectopic intranasal tooth was removed through an endoscopic procedure. This resolved the complaints of nasal obstruction and hyposmia. No further complications were seen.

Reference: Cureus


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