Protect Patient Privacy with Bedside Tablets


Teaching hospitals have always been ahead of time in scientific innovations in addition to technological innovations. Moreover, hospitals use mobile devices to access medical records and for staff facilitation, communication, and gathering patient information. However, UCHealth preferred sharing patients through the MyChart Bedside app from Epic Systems, which is a leading solution to health records.

Senior multimedia developer of clinical informatics at UCHealth, Edward Horowitz said,

“It allows them to see their care team and interact with their care team in real-time, as well as things like order food through the application.”

Personalised Disease Management

This project provides patients with the opportunity of more than just EHR access. The tablet addresses the goal of delivering personalized disease management and boosting patient satisfaction. Most hospitals lock down mobile devices to run apps with pre-approval, but they want one with more patient control.

Horwitz added,

“We wanted them to be able to interact with the outside world, which can be hard to do when you’re in the hospital

However, the challenge was that to develop this device, UCHealth needed new devices. Moreover, they also required an efficient and secure method for the management of content, meeting federal regulations as well. Since all the apps needed reloading manually, it wasn’t feasible, and the nurses did not even have the time to do so.

Senior engineer of desktop and mobility at UCHealth, Kyle Toburen said,

“It was a great concept. But the bottom line was that if the nurses weren’t deploying it because it was too much work, it wouldn’t happen.”

Data Eraser App

To solve this issue, UCHealth purchased Samsung Tab A with Knox Custom Configurator licenses. UCHealth worked with Samsung to create a new Data Eraser app. It helped in wiping all the personal data while maintaining a customized whitelist preferable for the app.

The solution also consists of antimicrobial tablet cases that are placed into a UV machine. It prevents the spread of germs between the patients. Moreover, the patients also enjoy using the tablet since they are now more informed about their health.


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