Pain Science in Motion IV Congress 2022

May 19-20th 2022 - Maastricht, Netherlands

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Every two years the Pain Science in Motion Congress highlights the need to increase awareness of the relevance of pain. The primary focus of this research colloquium is on research methods in pain sciences. Consequently, research findings and clinical applications are secondary goals. The field of pain science is broad in focus and diverse in research methods. This congress will eventually provide a forum mainly for PhD researchers. They can share ideas, network, present research findings, and ultimately discuss professional issues relevant to the field of pain science. 

This Pain Science in Motion Congress IV builds on formerly successful previous editions of the Pain Science in Motion Congress. In 2015 the congress was held at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels, Belgium. In 2017, it was held at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden and in 2019 at the University of Genoa in Savona, Italy.

The 4th edition of Pain Science in Motion Congress is going to take place from the 19-20th of May at Crown Plaza, Ruiterij 1, Maastricht, Netherlands. This in-person congress will conduct all sessions in English for a better understanding of everyone.

How to Register?

The registration for the event is very easy. All willing participants can register at the official website. The process takes no more than 5 minutes!

Methodological Aspects of Research

Pain Science in Motion Congress highlights the methodological aspects of the research process. This conference is unique as it particularly provides a podium for PhD researchers to present their research. They will also answer questions, and share experiences and solutions relevant to the research methodology. The fundamental content and structure of the conference follow an active learning approach for and from the PhD researchers and students.

The congress also brings intriguing poster presentation sessions. Competitive PhD researchers will present their posters to elaborate more on the cause. 

Inspiration for Young Researchers

Presentation of research and discussion of methodology is an integral part of the congress. However, that is not all! This congress aims to inspire young researchers who may revolutionize medicine in the near future. Sessions of meet-the-experts, meet-your-peers and discussions with four keynote lecturers are the basis of inspiration. The keynote lecturers are Professor in Rehabilitation Sciences & Physiotherapy Mira Meeus, Professor of Clinical Biomechanics & Musculoskeletal Research Jan Hartvigsen, Senior Researcher Inge Timmers and Professor of Physiotherapy, Pain & Rehabilitation Michael Thacker.

Social Networking Event

In conclusion, Pain Science in Motion IV Congress is exclusively about research methodology. However, there is much more! Social Networking Event is an optional part of the congress. Precisely, this event aims to facilitate the participants’ connection and network closely with their peers in the field. In addition, the Social Networking Event comprises Welcome at City Hall, Presentation “ALETTA: Real-World Evidence for research and to optimize patient outcomes” (MYCB1 Apotheek) and walking dinner.

This conference is a joint project of the Pain in Motion international research group, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Center of Expertise in Rehabilitation & Pain Adelante, Research School of CAPHRI, and Maastricht University.


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