ONCOTRANS & 4th International Liquid Biopsy Symposium

3rd – 5th of November, Centre des Congres Prouve in Nancy, France


Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide accounting for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020! A selective group of cancers, when treated early and effectively, are curable. ONCOTRANS and the International Liquid Biopsy Symposium are more of a campaign to bring awareness about cancer. It is a prominent international platform for experts and scientists to gather and discuss cancer. However, this international conference is not confined to scientists only. The organisers welcome encouraging interaction between the attendees and cancer experts.

The ONCOTRANS conference will be held in person on the 3rd – 5th of November, Centre des Congres Prouve in Nancy, France. English and French are the official languages for the conference. You can register yourself here!

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the ONCOTRANS Conference is to discuss and explore specialities relevant to oncology. The oncology experts will share their experience and academic knowledge about the clinical use of liquid biopsy for the diagnosis of cancer. This latest clinical technology is helpful in tracing cancer in the earliest stage. Moreover, the clinical approach of recruiting liquid biopsy will prove beneficial for research purposes. Extensive research is likely to help explore innovative cancer management and treatment options.

We can go deeper into research and find out the best for oncology diagnosis! 


Ideas Under Discussion

Nano-medicine, radiobiology and therapeutic biomarkers are the main ideas under focus for discussion at ONCOTRANS. It will create awareness about the methods of treating cancers of different origins. This is not all! The conference will help young doctors and oncology experts conclude the risk factors they must consider before the beginning of treatment. Therapeutic biomarkers have undeniable significance in oncology as they help identify and begin cancer treatments. 

These are just some examples of the plenary sessions that you can watch if you attend ONCOTRANS: “Tumor sensitization and reoxygenation with gadolinium-containing zeolites nanocrystals: a new theranostic strategy for glioblastoma”, by Samuel Valable, PhD, “Designing biomarker-driven clinical trials: results from BioNIKK trial”, by Stéphane Oudard, MD, PhD, “Beyond CTLA4 and PD1/PDL1: new targets for antitumoral immunotherapy”, by Christophe Borg, MD, “Mining cell-free DNA biology to boost liquid biopsy”, by Florent Moulière, PhD.

ONCOTRANS will have a poster session with classic discussion, which is usual for professional meetings. This is how, instead of limiting students to a 3-minute presentation, ONCOTRANS encourages scientific discussion and networking. Participants can network through their work with other colleagues and conference participants.

The 4th edition of the International Liquid Biopsy Symposium-ONCOTRANS invites oncologists, geneticists, pharmacologists, searchers, and PhD students.


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