Myrkl Introduces New Anti-Hangover Pill

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According to the Swedish firm Myrkl, their new anti-hangover pill can break down 70% of alcohol within 60 minutes

A night out drinking with friends is all fun and games until you wake up the next day with a pounding headache, dry throat, and low energy levels. Hangovers are no joke and while several home remedies may claim to have a cure, none have proven effective. But now, an anti-hangover pill may provide the cure the world needs.

Myrkl’s purpose is therefore to help those regular moderate drinkers to wake up feeling their best the next day, whether they’re a busy working professional, young parents, or seniors who want to maintain an active social life.

Håkan Magnusson, CEO de Faire Medical

The Swedish firm Myrkl has introduced an anti-hangover pill that can reduce the body’s alcohol absorption. Recently, a team of researchers conducted a study to assess the drug’s efficacy among young adults. The team recruited 24 healthy young adults with an average age of 25 years. Half of the group received placebo pills while the other group received 2 Myrkl pills every day for a week. After a week of pills, the participants drank a small amount of alcohol and had their blood alcohol levels measured.

According to the results, the experimental group demonstrated a 70% reduction in blood alcohol levels after 60 minutes. Moreover, no serious adverse events were reported among the study participants. Thus, establishing it as a safe and effective method for reducing alcohol absorption and preventing liver damage. 

What is Myrkl?

Myrkl, the anti-hangover pill, is in reality a probiotic supplement containing two gut-friendly bacteria – Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus coagulans. These bacteria naturally break down alcohol into carbon dioxide and water. Along with the bacteria, the pill also contains L-Cysteine and Dextrin. The pill works by reducing alcohol absorption from the intestine. However, it cannot stop the effects of alcohol on the stomach. As per the company’s recommendations, two pills need to be taken before drinking; one 12 hours prior and another 1 hour before. 

Although the study showed promising results, researchers believe it has several limitations. It failed to assess the drug’s effect on people of different ages and belonging to different ethnicities. Moreover, the study administered a weekly regimen prior to drinking while the company advises taking 2 pills before a day of drinking. Therefore, more studies are required to fully assess the drug’s efficacy.


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