Iceman- Nothing Is Cold Enough For Him


How would winters be without the need to wear layers of clothes, thick gloves, and snow boots?

A 49-year-old man, who goes by the name, Wim Hof, is resistant to extreme cold, astonishing the scientific world.

To secure a position in the Guinness world record, he was immersed almost naked in the ice for an hour and 12 minutes!!

For most people, the Arctic has unbearable cold temperatures if appropriate clothing is not there to cover, but not for the Iceman. لعب روليت مجاني Wim Hof ran barefoot and in shorts at -4º Fahrenheit.

It doesn’t end here; three years later, he dived into the ice at the North Pole, only wearing a swimsuit and swam for 80 meters! This earned him a Guinness world record. The length of his swim was double the Olympic-pool!

Wim Hof said:

“I had a stroll like this in the park with somebody,
and I saw the ice and I thought, ‘What would happen if I go in there?’ I was
really attracted to it. I went in, got rid of my clothes. Thirty seconds I was
in. Tremendous good feeling when I came out. And since then, I repeated it
every day.”

There are more surprises!
Wim Hof scaled the Mount Everest in his shorts!

Dr. Ken Kamler who has treated many survivors of the Mount
Everest voyage who nearly died in the attempt of acing the Mount due to extreme
temperatures was baffled by Wim Hof. The doctor began to study the Dutchman. العاب القمار على الانترنت

Dr. Kamler said:

“It’s very easy to speculate that the same mind
control that you use to control your heart when you’re scared also can be
called upon to control the other organs in the body. And maybe that’s how Wim
Hof does this. It’s speculation, but it sort of makes sense, and a lot of
scientists are working very hard to try to figure this out now.”

Otto Musik, a pediatrician at Wayne State University’s
School of Medicine conducted researches and also he said:

“By accident or by luck he found a hack into the
physiological system.”

Hof attributes his ability to withstand extreme temperatures
to a type of conditioning that involves a series of breathing exercises that he
had learned by experimenting while going out into nature.

He said:

“I had to find the interconnection of my brain
together with my physiology.”

According to his explanation, after getting comfortable, he
takes deep breaths each time several minutes, which elicit lead to low carbon
dioxide in the body, subsequently leading to tingling in his body parts.

He believes:
“That’s what nature meant us to do, breathe deep when we are stressed.”

Some studies have supported Hof’s theory, but yet the puzzle
hasn’t been conclusively solved. There are still many pieces missing!

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