Half – virgin pregnant!


Theodore Woodward, professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, educated his medical interns: “When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses not zebras”. Since then, “zebra” became a popular medical aphorism for an elaborate diagnosis when a simple one is much more probable. This time, although, hoofbeats turned out to be patter of tiny feet! الرهان الرياضي

 There’s no medical definition of
“virginity”. Most of us would
say “you
are a virgin until you have had sexual intercourse”.
The problem is
that the term “sexual intercourse” can have many interpretations. I believe
that we can call the protagonist of this history a half – virgin.

The whole story took place in
Zimbabwe in 1988. A 15 – year old girl admitted to the hospital after a knife
fight. Her past boyfriend caught her red – handed while she was performing a
fellatio with her new lover. In a fury, he attacked them with a knife. The girl
had minor wounds on her arms and a single, severe one in her belly. Surgeons
performed an exploratory laparotomy, which showed two perforations of the
stomach, both of them were stitched immediately. The stomach was empty, no
gastric contents were visible in the operating field. The patient bounced back
and it seemed that the whole history is over.

After 288 days, she arrived at
the hospital again. It turned out that she is giving birth to a child. كيف تفوز في روليت It would
not be surprising at all, except for the fact that the girl had no idea that
she is pregnant and that the basic gynaecological examination demonstrated that
she had no vagina, only a small hole in the skin. The doctors performed a
caesarean and a healthy baby came into the world.

How is it possible? The girl had
a normal uterus and a 2 cm long vagina, branching from it. The aplasia of the
vagina made a traditional conception impossible. The sperm, located in her
stomach after oral sex got into the peritoneum through the perforations after
the knife fight. As we remember from our anatomy lessons, there is a connection
between this space and the outer environment in a woman’ s body – through the oviduct.
The fact that the fertilisation ended up successfully is even more startling if
we add that sperm cells are unable to bear a low pH of a stomach. It had to be
neutralised by a high pH of her saliva.

If we look at the case more judgementally, we should come to a conclusion that it had to be one of the first ovulations of the patient. موقع 1xbet After all, the aplasia of the vagina would make an implantation impossible because of retained blood.


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