Getting Diagnosed with an Unusual Cyst Before Birth

Source: Journal of Medical Case Reports

It’s not very often you see somebody rearing troubles before even making an introduction to this world. Well, not if he has an asymptomatic cyst!

A female Caucasian got diagnosed with an abdominal cyst before birth. The doctors however could not tell about its exact nature and origin. Thus they put many differentials such as a choledochal, duplication and an omental cyst, on the table.

Diagnostic Scans for the Cyst

The doctors resorted to multiple post-natal diagnostic scans before jumping to a conclusion. The scans showed the cyst to be septated and loculated. Present in the sub-hepatic area, it clearly displaced the intrahepatic vessels. Her bile duct displayed a normal caliber and the imaging indicated no intrahepatic dilatation whatsoever.

The scans suggested it to be a hepatic or choledochal variant, if not their truest type. Nevertheless, the infant did not show any symptoms and the doctors concluded it was a cyst of choledochal variety.

The Next Step?

After pinning a definitive diagnosis, the doctors decided for an elective excision at the age of seven months. They took out a 5 × 4 × 2 cm cyst found at the level of porta hepatis. Greatly inflamed, it showed strong connections with the hepatic capsule. Good thing, they took it out completely along with a liver biopsy.

Events After The Surgery

The girl displayed a speedy recovery. However, she developed an adhesive bowel obstruction for which she underwent a second laparotomy.

Anyhow, discharged on her 6th post-operative day, she is currently on follow-ups and showing normal hepatic and biliary functions.


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