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Technology is the next thing that is going to promote medicine.


Dr. Mickey Gideon always aimed high with zealous determination. His passion to achieve his goals and immense hard work got him a seat in Ben – the Gurion University of Negev, Israel. Highlighting his professional performance, he is presently serving as Vice Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery and Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Soroka University Medical Center. Dr. Gideon’s gratitude and passion for the field of medicine and pediatric surgery remain constant throughout the years.

Professional Climax: Successful Surgery of Craniopagus Twins

Neurosurgery is certainly one of the most challenging specialties of medicine. Nevertheless, every surgery is different and therefore requires a unique set of ideas, skills and competencies. In pediatric neurosurgery, Dr. Mickey Gideon achieved the lifetime achievement of successfully separating conjoined twins. This rare case involved craniopagus twins – twins born joined at the head. It was a very rare and critical case that required a lot of input to save the twins.

Recently, I had a moment which I think is the climax for my field of paediatric neurosurgery. We had a rare case of conjoined twins. It is one of the most complicated cases of neurosurgery. Imagine working on two brains at the same time connected with tissues, vessels, meninges, skull, and skin. The surgery went perfectly well and the recovery status was good too. When I left the operation theatre I acknowledged the surgery was successful, and that moment was the happiest moment for me. Later, I even got drunk to celebrate the victory! After that moment, I told myself that I can die peacefully now as I have done my job in this world.

Dr. Mickey Gideon
Dr. Mickey Gideon with his team

The twins were born in August 2020. For one year, the twins had not seen each other, as they couldn’t face each other. The moment Dr. Gideon’s team put the two babies facing each other was fulfilling and emotional. He claims no other moment in his life can make him as emotional as this one memory can.

Combat the Stressful Days

Dreams demand strong determination. Dr. Mickey Gideon is an example of believing in oneself and transforming dreams into reality. Today, he is one of the most competent pediatric surgeons in Israel.

There were movies about doctors carrying a bag going to villages and treating people. It was magic for me. That inspired me a lot. As far as I remember, I always wanted to be a doctor. I never wanted to be anything less than a doctor. It has been my dream since I remember myself.

Dr. Mickey Gideon

Dr. Gideon respects his profession and denies calling it a job. He has been deeply inclined towards his profession of medicine and surgery since the beginning of his career. For him, each passing day brings him new experiences. Dr. Gideon believes practicing medicine is not a job. It is his love and life. Nothing compares to medicine so he does not call it a job. Doubtlessly, there are days when surgeons can not handle cases successfully. Sometimes matters go wrong and they stress surgeons out. This often brings a wave of depression that steals the will to return to the hospital and carry on. In such instances, one must remember that everyday we learn something new about the human body functions. Simultaneously, it is very important for doctors to learn how to combat.

Doctors must have a strong social network and family support. All doctors should know that every doctor goes through it. Having someone to talk to is the most important thing for a doctor who wants to overcome stressful days. Despite being fervent about his field, Dr. Gideon confesses about the tough days.

For me, my wife is my best friend! Her world is mainly art and music. She does not belong to the medical world nor does she know much about my work yet I can share my stress with her.

Dr. Mickey Gideon

Technology & Medical Curriculum

Medical technology is endlessly contributing to multiple specialities of health care. The curriculum for medical students needs some amendments to introduce the upcoming doctors to the basics of technology. Likewise, in the surgery of conjoined twins, Dr. Gideon employed technology for accuracy, maintaining zero margins for mistakes. He also believes in technology being an exceptionally essential part of surgical interventions in the near future.

Technology is advancing fast. As a doctor, it is my recommendation to upcoming future doctors to be more than just doctors. You should be involved in medical technology and biotechnology. Technology is the next thing that is going to promote medicine. The surgery of conjoined twins was successful not only because of my skills but also because of technology. We simulated the entire operation with visual reality systems several times. We printed 3D models and used tissue expanders.

Dr. Mickey Gideon

Despite the successful surgeries and experience, Dr. Mickey Gideon recognizes the need to modify the medical school curriculum. In contrast to previous decades, surgeries today are robotic and monotonous. Technology has made its way to the operation theatres. However, where there is technology, technology experts are required.

I think we need to change medical teaching programs. We need to introduce and connect medical students with technology. The upcoming generations are going to be better surgeons with the advancements in medical technology. Besides being a pediatric neurosurgeon, I am also the Director of the Innovation Centre in our hospital. This gives me the authority to participate in supporting MedTech and biotech startups. We are working on changing the curriculum of medical schools so medical students can acquire technology learning as well. Technology is becoming an integral part of the medical and surgical world!

Dr. Mickey Gideon

Undermining Intelligence

Medicine demands passion, determination and enthusiasm. Consequently, people who assume they are not geniuses and undermine their intelligence can excel in medicine.

You don’t have to be a genius to be a good doctor.You don’t have to be a genius to be a good physician. Learn to love people. Never lose your humanity. Always remember that you are in medicine because you love people. You will have a difficult life in your medical school. You will have shifts, you will have rounds and you will be tired. What matters the most is your love for people. If you love people, you will be a good doctor!

Dr. Mickey Gideon


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