Corona stress – What does the big picture depict?


Human psychology is simple yet quite complex. From minor to major happenings whether personal or global leave intentional or unintentional impact on the mental state of humans. Currently, Coronavirus is the global as well as personal challenge for every individual. This virus although too small is being huge disaster for everyone. It has become talk of the town. Strict health protocols, tightened security, lockdowns, minimum business, postponed education and highly aimed educational guesses at the cure of Coronavirus is what everyone is aware of. No matter which platform you switch to it is the death toll, number of victims and hopeful numbers of cured individuals which steals the spotlight. If we dig slightly deeper into what Coronavirus has been doing to the mankind we will know it is much more than the harm to physical health and economy. Big picture screams of its profound effect on the mental health of humans.

Corona stress actually exists. Since Coronavirus or COVID-19 has now achieved the title of pandemic disease it is bothering public a lot. Everyone is aware of the destruction it has caused so far which makes it even more understandable reason to become cause of anxiety and stress. People suspect themselves to be one of the patients. Even if one symptom of the disease appears they lose their calm and hurry towards the hospitals. On other hand, those people who are suffering from other diseases are scared of going to hospitals because they believe that is where patients of this disease unknowingly infect them. According to the instructions of governments and medical organizations people are requested to maintain social distance and observe practice for wearing surgical masks and washing their hands frequently. Being locked up inside their homes produces agitation and anxiety among people. Not leaving their home as a choice is one thing but ordered to stay indoors means being jailed up. Since people are observing social distancing therefore they can’t meet, hug or touch their friends and families. This restriction brings a sensation of guilt and fear which exacerbates with each passing day. People might not be very affectionate towards their neighbors, servants, colleagues, classmates and other people whom they see each day. But in such conditions, the sense of mercy, pity and gratitude arises in the mind and hear of every person which makes them uneasy. They fear of dying is miserable conditions makes the stress skyrocket.

Collectively, public puts immense trust into the governments and medical organizations. They believe in them for a cure to end the pandemic wave. Since no cure has been formulated so far is weakening their trust. This causes even more panic and rise of trust issues.

Amid of all the chaos, it is necessary to not stress yourself and keep as calm as possible by following some suggestions by the psychologists.

  1. Watch anything on TV but the news. There is no use to watch the statistics.
  2. Engage yourself in something productive.
  3. Internet is a huge blessing these days. Use it smartly.
  4. Avoid discussing COVID-19 with anyone. They don’t know anything better than you.
  5. Keep in touch with your loved ones through mobiles phones and internet.

As long as you keep yourself calm and happy your immune system stays strong.

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Dr. Bilal Zafar is a talented healthcare professional who has immaculately balanced his professional and personal life and, in 2017, successfully completed his Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery from Dow University of Health Sciences. He practiced his skills and earned exclusive expertise in Sindh Government Lyari General Hospital where he served as a House Officer (HO). His remarkable outlook has made it possible for him to become a reputable name in the medical writing industry and he is now CEO of Astro Medical Writers. He has earned a partnership with Medizzy, an emerging UK based app for medical students and health professionals. He also has vast working experience with various medical platforms and organizations including the American Physician Institute (API) for Advanced and professional studies. Dr. Bilal Zafar is currently serving as the Asian President of Oli Health magazine, a Turkey-based Health Magazine. Also, he is an ambassador of Banja Luka International Medical Congress (BLIMC) 2019, the 25th Scientific Congress of Hellenic Medical Students and the 13th International Forum for Medical Students and Junior Doctors, from Pakistan. He also has a deep interest in Psychiatry and is now pursuing this field further. He has several published articles on the subject of mental illness with ongoing research in the same domain. As well as being a doctor and entrepreneur, Dr. Bilal has a knack for playing the guitar and might even qualify as a professional guitarist in the near future.


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