Chinese Man Had Steel Spoon Lodged In His Oesophagus For An Entire Year


A Chinese man had a steel spoon stuck in his oesophagus, a narrow tube
which connects the mouth and the stomach, also known as a food pipe for an
entire year! The man, identified as Mr. Zhang, believed to be in his early 20s,
swallowed the spoon because he was dared to do so. The steel spoon which was
lodged in his oesophagus since 2017. Surprisingly, the half-swallowed spoon was
not causing much discomfort to this man. The spoon got stuck in his food pipe

In addition, even after several months passed, this man did not think
the irritation was serious enough to seek medical help. However, all of that
changed a year later. A week before reporting to the hospital, the man started
experiencing a difficulty breathing after he was punched in the chest and started
having chest pain.

The spoon was removed from the man’s food pipe on October 22nd,
2018. Three doctors performed the procedure and two hours later a spoon which
measured around 8 inches (20 centimeters) was finally removed from the patient’s
oesophagus. As the hospital official reported, the lodged spoon saw the light
of the day for the first time in a year.

When Zhang visited the hospital, he seemed to be in quite a lot of pain. اندرويد كازينو
He walked into the hospital holding his chest, according to director of the
hospital’s Otolaryngology department (ear, nose and throat specialty), Dr. Yu
Xiwu. On examination, a metal foreign body was revealed in the upper part of
the pharynx to the oesophagus. Moreover, a mucus coated spoon was spotted when
the doctors peered down the patient’s throat using an endoscope. An endoscope
is a long, thin tube with a camera attached at one end. The doctor was very
surprised at what the endoscopy revealed. He had never encountered a similar
patient before.

Doctors determines that unless the object was removed, it could be
life-threatening. According to the representatives of the hospital, the spoon
was extracted from Zhang’s mouth using a pair of forceps. After the surgery,
Zhang was seen resting comfortably. As expected by the doctors, he was to be
discharged within 2 days.

It is quite surprising how the man went on with his life and did not
find it necessary to seek medical attention when the spoon became lodged in his
oesophagus. He did not find it important enough to remove the utensil from his
food pipe, at least not until he was punched in the chest. Surprisingly, he was
in a situation where he had to be punched. After the punch, he began to suffer
from chest pain and shortness of breath, which left him with no choice but to
go to the hospital. For obvious reasons, the X-rays of his chest created quite
a commotion among the doctors.

People often swallow things such as garden slugs, dentures and lighters
either accidentally or because of temporary lapses of judgement. However, after
the whole ordeal, according to his statement, the patient claimed that he would
be a little wiser.

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Dr. Aiman Shahab is a dentist with a bachelor’s degree from Dow University of Health Sciences. She is an experienced freelance writer with a demonstrated history of working in the health industry. Skilled in general dentistry, she is currently working as an associate dentist at a private dental clinic in Karachi, freelance content writer and as a part time science instructor with Little Medical School. She has also been an ambassador for PDC in the past from the year 2016 – 2018, and her responsibilities included acting as a representative and volunteer for PDC with an intention to make the dental community of Pakistan more connected and to work for benefiting the underprivileged. When she’s not working, you’ll either find her reading or aimlessly walking around for the sake of exploring. Her future plans include getting a master’s degree in maxillofacial and oral surgery, settled in a metropolitan city of North America.


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