ADAM: Sperm Blocking Gel Implant!

Source: IFL Science

Australia is doing a trial of sperm-blocking gel implants called ADAM, which will be a temporary alternative to vasectomies. Researchers implant a non-hormonal hydrogel into the vas deferens, which will dissolve after two years.

ADAM is a delivery system made by Contraline, a medical device company. Additionally, the purpose of ADAM is to block sperm from travelling through the sperm duct. Moreover, it will have no effect on the sensation and ejaculation either. The sperms blocked naturally dislocate and absorb. Eventually, at the end of the hydrogel’s lifespan, it liquifies and the barrier to sperm flow is removed.

Urologist and principal investigator of the study, Professor Nathan Lawrentschuk

If it is successful, it could be a game-changer, ensuring that contraception is a shared responsibility between couples,

The trial is being conducted at Epworth Freemasons Hospital, Melbourne. It includes twenty-five participants, out of which four have already been injected. Moreover, it has been stated by Contraline that gel implantation is minimally invasive using local anesthesia. The procedure takes less than thirty minutes.

Lawrentschuk further said,

The implantation procedures went extremely well, and the patients were all discharged quickly after the surgeries,

The clinical trial page claims the study will be completed by June 30th, 2025. Furthermore, the participants will give samples of their semen for three years to study how many of them have achieved complete azoospermia (zero sperm count). In addition to people who have achieved virtual azoospermia (sperm count less than 100,000 per millilitre and motility of 0%)

Lawrentschuk said,

In this instance, men would be in control of their own contraception and can enter into the fray which is often placed on their partner,

There might be many circumstances where it could be extremely useful – their partner can’t take contraception, they may have come out of a long relationship where they want a period of known inability to have a child.


Since there is generally a lack of options for male contraception, people are anxious to give this a try.

Kevin Eisenfrats, Co-Founder and CEO of Contraline said, 

The patient demand for the ADAM Study has been tremendous, with the entire trial oversubscribing within three weeks of opening enrollment,


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