A Smartwatch that can Monitor Senior Patients at Home


Most seniors want to stay at home for as long as possible. However, their safety is of key concern, hence mobile companies are working on solutions to make things easier for them. For example, management of medication, remote patient monitoring, and personal emergency response system. WellCare Today has made a smartwatch that can cater to all three solutions together.

This smartwatch doesn’t only allow seniors to stay out of nursing homes and hospitals, it saves insurance money as well. In addition, most seniors have severe health conditions and require extensive regimes. Missing a dose of their prescription medications can be fatal for them.

Smartwatch Monitoring

WellCare Today aims towards alleviating these problems in the elderly by providing them with their ‘HealthAssist Watch’. This smartwatch can locate seniors who live on their own and physicians can also remotely monitor them.

WellCare Today initiated with a health management program of the population, helping Medicare Advantage patients with their prescription refill. In addition, getting preventive exams.

CEO Daniel Ferarra said,

“We learned from the health insurance companies that, among the older portion of Medicare Advantage members, the members who don’t use digital technology are the most costly and the highest-risk members, and insurers couldn’t get them engaged in a program. That’s why we developed the HealthAssist Watch. All people have to do is wear the watch and we can interact with them.”

Prescription Refill Alerts

If seniors fail to refill their prescriptions in time by pushing the ‘trigger a pharmacy’ button on their watches, their caregivers are alerted through the HealthAssist Web Companion. Moreover, caregivers can also schedule appointments with it.

Daniel Ferrara further said,

“The family caregiver is probably the one person who has the greatest influence in changing the senior’s behavior and making sure they take their medications and improve their health.”


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