A cyclist recovering after an attack that left him with a knife lodged deep in his head!


Patient was cycling to work at a restaurant on Monday when he was almost fatally attacked on his bike. He underwent surgery to remove the embeded knife and is now being kept under observation at the hospital but has seemingly suffered no permanent brain damage.

The management strategy for these injuries is primarily surgical. The step-wise evaluation of the patient includes resuscitation, close evaluation of the scalp by looking for the site of penetration, their number, and shape followed by thorough neurological examination. The incidence of skull penetrating injuries with stab is so low that most treatment algorithms are based on case reports and case series. The main goal of surgical treatment in penetrating injuries is to remove the object in a safe manner, debridement of damaged parenchyma, removal of hematoma, and closure of the injured dura and skin.

Source: @medicalpedia


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