16th International Conference on ATTD 2023

22-25 February 2023 - Berlin, Germany

ATTD 2023
ATTD 2023

ATTD 2023 is all about Diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) has always been center of attention in healthcare. This metabolic disorder channelizes various life-threatening complications. Uncontrolled diabetes is the main driving energy behind the decline in health status. The definite treatment of diabetes mellitus is still a dilemma. The healthcare industry is eagerly practicing the synthesis of a formula that puts a complete end to DM. To address this concern, the 16th ATTD conference is organized.

ATTD 2023 is the leading international meeting point where clinicians, diabetes care providers, researchers, industries, investors, reimbursement authorities, and people with diabetes, assemble with the aim to share knowledge and develop collaborations.

Innovation in diabetes medicines and treatments, the most cutting-edge technologies, and the latest research are the core highlights of this conference. The field continues to move forward at full speed, and the ATTD diabetes conference is at the forefront of those changes. This community strives to discuss, exchange, and discover the latest novelties and advancements, and use them to impact the lives of people with diabetes.

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The 16th International Conference on ATTD 2023 is going to be held on 22-25 February 2023 in Berlin, Germany. The platform invites clinicians, diabetes care providers, researchers, industries, start-ups, investors, reimbursement authorities, and regulators. Register now!

In focus

The speakers at ATTD 2023 will speak about artificial intelligence-based decision support systems and glucose sensors. Moreover, they will focus on closed-loop systems, artificial pancreas, and devices for diabetic prevention. This is not all! All new medications for the treatment of diabetes, new insulins, delivery systems, and insulin pumps are under analysis as well.

Furthermore, the conference will also have poster sessions where aspiring as well as recognized researchers will present their research posters. Insulin Centennial Awards will follow the poster session and close the conference.


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