14th BeInMed 2023

2nd - 5th February 2023 - Covilhã, Portugal

BeInMed 2023
BeInMed 2023

BeInMed 2023, Beira Interior Medical Meeting is the medical congress developed by the Medical Students’ Local Committee of the Beira Interior University (MedUBI). It is committed to being a pillar in the medical and scientific growth of the region, the university and its participants. The congress is composed of plenary sessions, keynote lectures, workshops and parallel sessions. Furthermore, there are scientific competitions, PostInMed and BeTheMD, having both a theoretical and a practical component.

The majority of the sessions will be carried out in Portuguese. However, for keynote lectures and most of the plenary sessions, the congress counts on international speakers, which will be held in English. The congress looks forward to an attendance of 500+ participants. 14th BeInMed will take place on 2nd – 5th February, 2023 in Covilhã, Portugal. 

Hybrid Format for Congress 

The presidential component of congress will take place in Faculdade de Ciências da Saúde from Universidade da Beira Interior (FCS-UBI) in Covilhã, Portugal. Alongside it, the congress will have an online presence with the remote transmission of some plenary and keynote lectures. The next editions of BeInMed will have a hybrid format. In this format, plenary sessions and keynote lectures will be streamed online. However, workshops, parallel sessions and scientific competitions will take place in person at FCS-UBI.

Empowering Minds

This year the slogan will be “Empowering Minds”. The congress wants to present students with lectures and other topics that can broaden their horizons and give them the tools to face a more likely harsher future. 

BeInMed 2023

Opportunity for Researchers and Medical Students 

BeInMed is mainly aimed at medical students, not only from the parent university but throughout Portugal. Apart from that, it also welcomes the participation of doctors in residency and vocational training and scientific research. 

Future Perspective 

We want to give our students perspectives to face the future ahead of them while talking about the medical problems of the future. A lot of our parallel sessions and workshops focus on better communication with patients and other soft skills, as well as keeping an important focus on all clinical and practical skills that our students don’t get to practise in their everyday internship life often. 

PostInMed – Poster Competition 

PostInMed is a competition of poster presentations. It will be held in the faculty as well as with an online transmission. 

Social Program & Physical Activity

For the first time, BeInMed has a department for the social program that is planning a special surprise for all on-site participants. Apart from that, the social program has a humanitarian side with social activities throughout the city, Covilhã. There are physical activities for the promotion of health amongst our students as well as the Covilhanese people.

Organizing Committee Notes

The 2023 edition of BeInMed will be able to broaden everyone’s horizons. It aims to bring new topics into the limelight. The mission for students is to always improve yourselves. For this purpose, the organising committee of BeInMed hopes to be a catalyst for change and innovation. The result of their efforts in this event might not be seen instantly, but hopefully in the future. Some students who will attend the congress follow the path of their dreams and work towards a better society. BeInMed hopes a successful congress to empower everyone’s minds. 


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