World’s Smallest Known Baby Weighing 7.5 Ounces Delivered by Emergency C-Section

World's smallest baby
Kwek Yu Xuan after her premature birth, which came at just under 25 weeks' gestation.

The survival story of the world’s smallest baby

A baby born weighing just 7.5 ounces or 212 grams, finally left the hospital after more than a year of critical care and arrived at her family home. Kwek Yu Xuan was born almost 4 months prematurely, just about as heavy as a softball or an apple, in Singapore, in June 2020.

Although she had a limited chance of survival, the bay was discharged in July at a far healthier weight of 6.3 kilograms (13.9 pounds). She is believed to be the lightest baby ever delivered. According to a registry managed by the University of Iowa, a 230-gram (8.1 ounce) child was born in Germany in 2016. Whereas the current Guinness World Record is held by an American child born in 2018, weighing 245-gram (8.6 ounce).

The premature baby was delivered through an emergency C-section at just under 25 weeks of gestation. A full-term baby is normally born after 40 weeks with newborns typically weighing between 6 and 10 pounds. Yu Xuan was under neonatal intensive care at the hospital for 13 months, relying on “multiple treatments and machines” for survival. However, the hospital said that the child was “active, cheerful and responsive” during her stay.

The hospital described Yu Xuan as “a ray of hope amid turmoil”

Given the fact that the Yu Xuan’s extraordinary recovery has taken place during COVID-19, made her nothing less than a “ray of hope amid turmoil”.

“Against the odds, with health complications present at birth, she has inspired people around her with her perseverance and growth,” the hospital said.

“We are happy for the little fighter and her family, and proud of the care provided by our team,” the hospital added in a Facebook post.“Our best wishes to Little Yu Xuan as she continues to grow, thrive and beat the odds every day.”

Yu Xuan returned home with conditions that are commonly associated with extreme prematurity, chronic lung disease and pulmonary hypertension. According to the hospital, doctors expect full recovery with time.

Source: CNN

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