World Cancer Day


Every year on 4 February, World Cancer Day unites the global community in raising the collective voice against cancer. Led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), the day seeks to raise cancer awareness, improve education and catalyse action to prevent needless deaths from cancer.

An inclusive and empowering initiative, World Cancer Day mobilises the support of government leaders, healthcare professionals, the private sector, the cancer community, the public and the media to drive dialogue and conversation around some of the most pressing issues in cancer, including improving equity in access to cancer care and services. 

Through opening up wider and deeper conversations – whether between colleagues and friends, healthcare professionals and patients, children and their parents, teachers and students, national leaders and the public – it provides a valuable opportunity to confront the myths, misconceptions and fears around cancer which can often inhibit a more proactive approach to our own health. 

In 2020, World Cancer Day marks its 20th anniversary. Hundreds and hundreds of activities and events will take place around the globe, gathering communities, organisations and individuals in schools, businesses, hospitals, marketplaces, parks, community halls, places of worship – in the streets and online. 

The 2020 campaign will be led by the theme, ‘I Am and I Will’. It is a powerful call to action urging for everyone’s personal commitment to act, as well as a positive reminder that we can all play our part in reducing the impact of cancer for ourselves, our loved ones and our community. 

On World Cancer Day, each person can speak up and lend their support to reimagine a world where millions of lives are saved from unnecessary cancer deaths and for everyone, everywhere to have an equal chance to a healthier, brighter future. 

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