UK Takes the Lead In Approving a Pill for COVID-19

Pill against Covid
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UK has become the first country to make use of a pill against COVID-19 and honestly, it has shown promising results.

This new antiviral pill, molnupiravir, received its green signal from the government just yesterday (4th Nov, 2021). Introduced by Merck Pharmaceuticals, this drug works by limiting viral replication within the host. The authorities think it is a great treatment option for people with mild to moderate infections. Moreover, they believe it can effectively complement vaccines for overall prophylaxis against COVID-19 infection.

Trials for the pill were conducted by Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The officials concluded that the drug was an effective option to decrease disease severity. Moreover they said it had the potential to reduce hospitalizations in patients with mild infections. According to them, molnupiravir works best when used within first five days of disease manifestation. This allows it to break the cycle of disease progression.

Currently, the British government has approved its use only in patients with risk factors such as obesity or heart diseases. However, plans are underway to expand its provision by introducing new deployment strategies.

It is Not a Replacement to Vaccines

It is very important to understand that by no means is this drug a replacement to vaccines. The authorities have authorized its use only in patients showing mild or moderate symptoms. Yet as the only available oral drug against the virus, it proposes a promising future in COVID-19 management and prophylaxis.


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