Traumatic Iridodialysis Secondary to a Retracting Rubber Bungee Injury

Traumatic Iridodialysis
Source: The New England Journal of Medicine
  • Traumatic iridodialysis is a separation of the iris from the ciliary body caused by a blunt injury.
  • It is a common cause of trauma related to glaucoma.
  • In this case the patient was diagnosed with traumatic iridodialysis after blunt eye trauma.

This article describes the case of traumatic iridodialysis in a 48-year-old patient because of a retracting rubber bungee injury. The patient presented to the ophthalmology clinic with complaints of pain, blurred vision and double vision in his left eye with a 1-week history. He started experiencing the symptoms when he was struck in the eye with a retracting rubber bungee cord, while he was using it to secure goods onto a motorcycle.

Physical examination was remarkable of a distorted pupil and bruising in the left eye. Visual acuity was measured to be 20/40 in the right eye, whereas 20/200 in the left eye. Doctors performed a slit examination of the left eye which showed a deformed iris with the upper portion of the eye sagging downward. The iris was detached from the 9 o’clock position to the 3 o’clock position.

There were no signs of lens dislocation, retina injury or traumatic cataract. Examination findings led to the diagnosis of traumatic iridodialysis.

The condition is defined as a separation of the iris from the ciliary body caused by a blunt injury. Its symptoms include blurred vision, photophobia or monocular double vision. Treatment included iridoplasty, restoration of the pupil shape and improvement of visual acuity. The patient’s iris remained attached with mild deformity with a corrected visual acuity of 20/50 at a year’s follow-up. In addition to no evidence of glaucoma.


Traumatic Iridodialysis

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