The 3rd Neuro4D Conference 2022

May 16th-17th 2022 - Mainz, Germany

The 3rd Neuro4D Conference 2022
The 3rd Neuro4D Conference 2022

The 3rd Neuro4D Conference 2022 is an international conference focusing on Neuro Degenerative Disease Drug Discovery. Distinguished chairmen introduce presentation sessions. They will give an overview and introduction to the field, as well as present their own research. Chairmen-directed Q&A sessions and podium discussions will follow condense 10-minute presentations. It would provide flexibility and inspiring interaction between speakers and the audience in a consistent overall time frame. The Neuro4D conference will be held in Mainz, Germany on May 16th-17th 2022. English will serve as the language of communication.  

Registration & Winning Prize

Neuro4D conference expects 50 – 70 participants, limiting to a maximum of 80 participants. The organisers frame it as a very personal and interactive conference. It will have a single stream of presentations and intense discussions after the talks, at the posters and during the breaks. The poster session is an integral part of the conference. This year, for the first time, the conference will have a prize for the best poster. The prize money is 1000 €. Registration includes a conference hotel room from Monday 16 to Tuesday 17 for all delegates, all food and drinks during the entire event, joint social activities, and the conference dinner at the end of the first day. Register here!

Main Skills

Neuro4D conference intends to bring researchers in this exciting but challenging field of drug discovery together.  This conference aims to create new knowledge transfers and collaborations. Consequently, this meeting would be in-person to facilitate personal contacts and casual discussions between researchers with a collaborative spirit. We will exceptionally allow speakers from abroad to give their presentations virtually to enable their input during these challenging times. Still, local representatives of these companies will be present during the conference to enable personal interactions. The three main skills the conference is focusing on are; Structure/function of protein aggregates, disease progression and mode of action and drug discovery and development. 

Insight into Neurology & Research 

Prion-like misfolded versions of abundant natural proteins cause many neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and related conditions. The common theme in these diseases is soluble misfolded protein aggregates. They can template their energetically advantageous wrong conformation onto correctly folded natural proteins. Furthermore, these soluble aggregates cause toxicity as well as neuroinflammation that leads to synaptic loss and ultimately neuronal death. For several years this well-established working model finally found surging support in the scientific community. It finally explains how and why these different diseases spread in elderly patients. 

At the Neuro4D conference, researchers from multiple neurodegenerative diseases and with different expertise will learn about technologies, models and findings.  Researchers will receive support from academic innovators and service companies in their drug discovery efforts. For the first time this year, the Neuro4D conference will organise a clinical session that will highlight multiple drug candidates. They were developed based on the principle that soluble misfolded protein aggregates are the main cause of these diseases and need to be eradicated for disease improvement.

Audience of Conference

The main audience is academic and corporate scientists (PhDs) in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. It brings together drug discovery companies, service and technology providers, pharmaceutical strategists and investors. This conference also includes individuals interested in the neurodegenerative field, and academic innovators in the field of proteopathic neurodegenerative diseases, in a highly interactive format.

In the end, the organisers will thank the chairman and speakers at a speaker reception on Sunday evening before the start of the conference. This would give them a chance to get to know each other. Furthermore, discuss their presentations and guidance during the next day in a relaxed atmosphere with tasty local specialities at the conference dinner. Mainz region is the venue for high-quality dinner on its hotel terrace with pleasant weather. This year we will have a BBQ-style theme with different meat and vegetable options catering to every taste. The registration charges include dinner to facilitate the presence of all participants.


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