Scrotal Verrucous Carcinoma

Scrotal verrucous carcinoma
Pathological examination showing a very well-differentiated squamous cell tumor proliferation with an exophytic and endophytic tumor architecture bordered by hyperkeratosis and parakeratosic epidermis.

Case of localisation of a rare tumour.

This article describes the case of a 49-year-old male patient diagnosed with scrotal verrucous carcinoma. The patient presented to the emergency department with a 1-year-history of a vegetative lesion, that had evolved over a year. Clinical examination showed that the lesion resembled a cauliflower with a warty surface and well-defined irregular contours. The lesion was purulent, however, painless, measuring 6 × 5 mm on the left and 4 × 3 cm on the right. In addition, signs of bilateral inguinal lymphadenopathy were also present.

Doctors advised a biopsy for further evaluation. The biopsy results showed very well-differentiated squamous cell proliferation, a hyperkeratotic and parakeratotic epidermis, an exophytic and endoohytic tumour. The findings were consistent with a verrucous-type carcinoma.

Scrotal verrucous carcinoma

This type of carcinoma is a rare cancer which rarely metastasises, especially in lymph nodes. Therefore, diagnosis is histological and imaging is important to guide the surgical procedure. Treatment includes surgical excision which has a relatively good prognosis. However, the cases of local recurrences are common.

Before surgery, the patient was advised an inguinoscrotal MRI. The findings showed a bilateral exo- and endophytic inguinoscrotal tumour with restricted diffusion and contrast enhancement with immediate signal intensity. The MRI showed an invasion of the left epididymal head, also.

Treatment included a surgical excision of the tumour with left orchidectomy. The tumour was graded through extemporaneous examination of inguinal lymphadenopathies and dissection of the inguinal lymph node. The examination confirmed the metastatic nature of the scrotal verrucous carcinoma. Clinical examination at 18 months follow-up showed no recurrence of the tumour.


Scrotal Verrucous Carcinoma: An Exceptional Localization of a Rare Tumor

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