Roche Launches a New Kit for Rapid Genomic Profiling

Genomic Profiling
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Roche, a Switzerland based Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals Giant, has launched a new kit to help profile cancerous mutations more effectively.

Cancer, as we know, is caused by mutation of genes. These mutations are highly individual specific which means that two individuals can have different underlying genetic alterations even if they have the same kind of cancer. This is what sets the basis for “Precision Medicine”. Once the doctors know your mutation, they can design a more specific treatment plan for you with improved health outcomes.

Genomic Profiling

Genomic profiling looks for different alterations in your DNA or RNA. This helps the doctors to have a better idea about the aetiology of your cancer based on which they can come up with a more specific and personalized treatment plan.

Roche, a popular name in molecular diagnostics, has been providing genomic profiling services through its collaboration with Foundation Medicine. It is now that it has introduced a rapid profiling kit to augment its existing system of gene sequencing services. This new kit is more efficient and quick in terms of a diagnosis for genomic abnormalities. Moreover, this new advancement creates opportunities for studying and exploring tumors without having to wait for results from dedicated laboratories.

“The Kit complements the current CGP portfolio offered by Roche and Foundation Medicine and allows laboratories to expand their oncology research in-house.”

Roche, a Switzerland based Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical company

Improvements in the kit are underway to allow a future version of it to help both diagnose and treat cancer.


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