Otoacariasis: How A Colony Of Mites Sought Shelter In This Man’s Ear


An itchy ear is a common complaint encountered in many people. This is usually taken as a sign of ear wax build-up or possibly an ear infection. Mites, however? Unheard of!

In a rare case of Otoacariasis in Taiwan, a 70-year-old man presented with the complaint of itching in the right ear for 2 months. However, other danger signs such as ear discharge, ringing in the ear, or decreased sense of hearing were absent. He also complained of frequent fullness in the ear.

The doctors examined the patient’s ear via an otoscope. They found a colony of mites living in the man’s external auditory canal. Moreover, these bugs belong to the species of house-dust mites known as Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus.

Mites in the ear: a simple solution

Dr. Richard Nelson, vice chair of emergency medicine at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centre; stated that it is always best to inform the patient after the insect is evacuated. This is because many patients freak out and cause a hindrance in prompt and targeted treatment.

Fortunately, in this case, the doctors treated the man efficiently with eardrops that were a mixture of antifungal agents, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, and anti-mite agents.

“The typical treatment for mites in the ear is an anti-mite drug, and the other drugs likely helped reduce the risk of other infections.”

Dr. Ian Storper, Director of Otology at the New York Head & Neck Institute at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York

Follow up: Any more bugs?

After successful examination and a proper treatment regimen prescribed, the doctors asked the patient to return after 2 months. They counseled him on the importance of compliance and told him to re-consult if any complications arose. Fortunately, the problem was completely resolved.

“In most cases, pain and other symptoms go away within a few days of treatment”

Dr. Ian Storper, Director of Otology at the New York Head & Neck Institute at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York




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