Medication That Can Regrow Teeth?


By 2030, a teeth-regrowing drug may be available on the market. At the beginning of September, thirty adult males will be given IV medication in the phase I phase of the study. This is the first time a drug of this kind has been tested on humans.

The formula showed the drastic potential of the re-emergence of teeth when it was tested on the lost dentition of animals. A single dose was sufficient to regrow the tooth in ferrets. Moreover, based on the current version of the trial, the drug was also well tolerated by rodents. No adverse effects were seen, and it can be given to humans now for further trials.

This medication has an antibody of the gene USAG-1. It inhibits the teeth from growing. A factor that is called BMP. Moreover, Kyoto Hospital in Japan will hold the first phase of the trial over an eleven-month period. It will involve healthy individuals who have lost at least one tooth.

Moreover, researchers aim to administer the drug to children with congenital tooth deficiency if the trial is successful. They will start with patients between the ages of 2 and 7 who have been missing at least four teeth since birth.

Katsu Takahashi, lead researcher said,

We want to do something to help those who are suffering from tooth loss or absence,

While there has been no treatment to date providing a permanent cure, we feel that people’s expectations for tooth growth are high.

If the trial is successful, the drug can be available within six years. Furthermore, it can be used to regrow teeth in patients with congenital deficiency. In addition to those who have lost their teeth because of decay and injuries.


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