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Stress affects not only life but it also affects health too. Stress can lead to multiple health adversities, including high blood pressures, obesity, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, memory and concentration issues, weight and sleep disturbances, etc.

To fight stress, a state of the art device named Sensate, has been designed!

Sensate has the ability to reduce stress rapidly, in as quickly as 10 minutes. It not only relaxes but also improves sleep, concentration, and mood. This innovative device doesn’t need years of training to be able to provide relaxation. Sensate is coupled with an app on the smartphone, which is available for free on both android and apple store. The sensate device connects to the application on the smartphone through Bluetooth.

How does it work?

Sensate is the first device designed to stimulate the user’s vagus never (the 10th cranial nerve). Through stimulation of the vagus nerve, Sensate improves the heart rate and gives its users a sense of well-being from the very first session.

How to use it?

Using Sensate does not require training per se.
To relax using sensate, find a comfortable place to lie down or recline. Connect or pair the Sensate device to the Sensate mobile application, select one of the neuro-acoustic soundtracks, and put on the headphones. While relaxing, place the Sensate device on the chest and relax for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. The Sensate is designed to resonate with the near-infrasonic frequency (vibrotactile bone conduction) to soothe and tone the vagal nerve along with the neural-synchronization audio. This non-invasive vagal nerve stimulation improves the heart rate and synchronizes the brainwaves.

Is it necessary to use headphones?

For maximum results, yes!
Although it is perfectly fine to listen on speaker or through phone but for maximum benefit, headphones are a must!

Although Sensate can give effects from infrasonic vibrations even without the music but coupling the vibrations with the music from headphones maximizes the relaxation.

The founder of BioSelf Technology and creator of Sensate, Stefan Chmelik, said:

“Stress and mental health issues are a 21st-century health crisis, with around 300 million people globally suffering from depression and anxiety. Through breath, meditation, and music, we have found ways to stimulate feelings of well-being, harmony, and belonging. Sensate achieves this reliably, consistently and without training, using technology to recreate these natural chest harmonics, without effort and in 10 minutes a day – like a super-charged power nap.”

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