Foreign Body In The Rectum

Image of deodorant bottle seen on erect abdominal radiograph

A 40-year-old male patient presented to the emergency with complaints of abdominal discomfort after he inserted a deodorant container into his rectum for sexual satisfaction.

A 40-year-old male patient presented to the emergency with complaints of abdominal pain and a 4 hours history of constipation. The patient’s medical history showed that he would occasionally insert foreign objects into his rectum for sexual satisfaction. He had been doing this for nearly a year.

His medical history did not reveal any chronic illnesses, drug use or substance abuse. The patient revealed that this time around he inserted a deodorant container in his rectum and was unable to remove it.

On physical examination, the lower quadrants of the abdomen were bilaterally tender. CBC and all other laboratory test results were normal. A solid object was palpated during digital rectal examination. There were no signs of air-fluid levels or intra-abdominal air. The patient was advised an erect view abdominal radiograph. Imaging showed an intrapelvic deodorant container. The digital rectal examination was repeated under general anaesthesia but the foreign object could not be retrieved.

The patient was sent to the operating room, the canal was dilated under general anaesthesia and the object was manually removed. The patient had an uneventful postoperative period. He was discharged with a psychiatric follow-up recommendation.


Foreign bodies in the rectum: 2 Case reports

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